Silly day dream I had once-Historical Life Simulator series

I’m only am sort of very new to Sims franchise I only got 2 of the Sims 2 ones but brought only the EPs of Sims 3. But anyway after playing Sims 3 for awhile-I had this werid idea for historical life simulator series. I can’t program so it’s just a silly day-dream.

Like the first pack would be about hunter-gather folks. And the next Mestopima eras, then Egypt, then Greece. And you could be born a million times in any of the periods and live and die again.

But beside the techinally problem of not being able to program. There are other problems like “where do you end the series?” Since I want to also have packs dealing with the two World Wars. Another problem is how do you deal with a player ending up as historical character? Whether it’s King (Pharohs-to Queen Elizabeth II), all the way down to authors (Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain) to everything in between like Phislophers like Socrates, or Playwright like Shakespeare

I’m hazy on current games, but maybe you could play “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and not build anything to play the hunter gatherer stage, and then “Minecraft” and just build pyramids.

But neither of those are life simulators

This would be neat I think, but I think most gamers would maybe akin this to the Assassins creed series, although yes I know it’s not a “life simulator” but you get my drift if you’ve played it. But I would say I would totally play your games if they came out.

What about Civilization then? Might be too fast-paced if you want to explore every era, but I think it starts in an esentially hunter-gatherer period.

once I get a gaming computer -I’m might try the mobile version of Sid’s Civilization and then see if I want the PC version. But this silly dream of mine is more of a life-simulator -you know like what people actually wanted with Sims Medieval instead of what we got? But with the idea of you living as different classes/genders, etc in different eras from hunt-gathers to the 20th century at least

I used to have a game that sounds similar to what you’re describing, I think it was called The Guild. It was an medieval setting you you had to evolve your character, build up relationships, et voted into office, learn a trade and so on

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Maybe variations of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley? Rune Factory is fantasy/kind of medieval