I was that kind of customer last night

So last night I went into the grocery store, grabbed some bottled water and other things, and went to self checkout. I saw a girl in a red shirt (like the employees wear) and I asked her if she could help me with scanning the water since it’s awkward to pick it up. Then I realized her shirt said Ace Hardware on it. I profusely apologized and waited for an actual employee to come along. I was so embarrassed!!!


Not at all ‘that customer’. You realised your mistake, apologized (!) and backed off. Didn’t double down and insist you were right, swear and / or threaten to have her job.
Polite human being who made a simple mistake, not ‘that customer’ at all.


Haha, whoops! Awkward as I’m sure that felt, it was an honest mistake and you were polite. From what I’ve heard, if you spend more than about ten minutes in Target wearing a red shirt, that’s pretty much bound to happen at least once.