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Gamers unite! This is the place to discuss, ask for help, recommend or just talk about games. What kind, though? All of them! Board games, video games, cards or dice, you’re welcome to talk about them all :slight_smile:

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I’ve got an old and slow laptop with little storage capacity. Finding good games to play on this monster isn’t easy, and last weekend a friend recommended Equilinox.

Equilinox is a relaxing nature simulation game in which you can create
and nurture your own ecosystems. Shape the world to your liking, cultivate
and raise hundreds of different species, and evolve your wildlife to unlock
more exotic plants and animals. 

The description is pretty on spot. It is very relaxing and free. So far, I like it a lot.


if I ever get down with my Swanson SimLit (aka Sims 4). I’m going to try to expand into other Video games. Most Planet Coaster and Plant Zoo series (PC version) and CK III. (Cruasders King III) May the latest incarnation of Sid’s Civilization

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To bridge out into board games, has anyone played wingspan? It’s very very good.

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re-editing this post: Germany board games creators are more known for games like Tickets to Ride and Settlers of Catan because they didn’t like war/conquest games like R-I-S-K or Battle or other war/conquest games.

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My current game is Final Fantasy 14 Onlne (FF14 or FFXIV for short). It’s an MMORPG. I played WoW (another MMORPG) for years, but I quit once they removed everything that I enjoyed. (Yes, I’m bitter about what they did to Sylvanas, the only strong female character.)

It feels like the folks behind FF14 looked at all the broken parts of WoW and figured out how to fix them. Toxicity in dungeon groups? Make the first dungeons easier, and give a bonus to experienced players who do a dungeon with a first-timer. Can’t find a healer or tank for a dungeon? Give a bonus to players for taking on those harder roles when they are in demand.

Oh, and forget about player factions, that just feeds the toxicity.

Where WoW was really a grind, and quests were often lengthy and pointless, FF14 is fun.

Added to that are actual plot and characterization, cutscenes (even the ones with voice acting!) where female player characters are given actual pronouns, and occasional nods in quests to the player character’s job or race. You don’t feel like you are playing a game but are part of an unfolding story with fleshed-out non-player characters.

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I’m a nuzlocker/racing driver myself. Maybe some GTA when there’s a chance.

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I play a lot of Hades.


That is definitely not true. There are bars here having RISK tournaments and stuff like that :smiley:

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I think if I’ve played a lot of the game then that means I like a lot of the game.

Though there are plenty of other games I enjoy that I just haven’t played as much due to getting engrossed in my favourites.

Outside of PC games, I quite like Settlers of Catan and adding to my dice collection.

The Settler of Catan is good!

A friend of mine had a card/board game about zombies, you had to draw cards and use as tiles to build a city, then try to kill zombies and get the heck out of there. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name. We hade a lot of fun evenings playing that.

We used to play Drakborgen/Dungeon Quest a lot when I was a kid. I remember it being really frustrating because I didn’t get the rules. It has been re-vamped and modernized, and I bought the new edition (Dungeon Quest) as an adult. I really, really like it - but never found anyone that enjoyed playing with me, the rules are too complicated for a leisurely player.

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Well this book (published in like October 2019) said at the time that Ticket to Ride was created that Germany game makers didn’t really like the “war conquest” games like R-i-s-k so preferred to make building games like Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan instead and other Euro-based board games which are less conquest and more something else

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Sounds more like a game maker choice and not something that applies to the entire nation.

My fiancé even played Battleship in school to practice letters and numbers :sweat_smile:

sorry I should have worded it better in my orignally post!

Edited the originaly post

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I’m a very avid videogamer, in fact, that’s what I do with most of my free time :smiley: . Right now, I’ve returned to Grim Dawn, which is, in my opinion, the single best modern Action RPG, for the n+1st time (but this time, I’m keeping my altitis* in check!), while concurrently doing the Knights of the Mediterranean challenges in Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition and playing Pokémon Legends: Arceus on the Switch.

*a pseudocondition where instead of getting to the given game’s endgame with one character, you keep starting new ones

Speaking of board games, does anyone else here know the Century games - Spice Road, Wonders of the East and New World? I have only played the first two so far, and they are quite good games with much more emphasis on planning than luck.


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I, too, am an alt-oholic ! FF14 doesn’t really encourage alts (IIRC, a basic account allows just one toon per server) but makes it really easy to have multiple classes / roles / professions and swap between them. So my toon has three battle jobs, a gathering job, and a crafting job.

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I used to play Nancy Drew Mystery games. I might go back to them eventually. It’s a first person Role Playing of (Nancy Drew) we never see her face, or any reflection of her or her body even if we’re playing someone whom isn’t her (George, Bess, Ned or one of Hardy Boys). The first like 5-6 games or so in the series were based upon books or stories but afterwards they the company created their own story instead of adapting book stories

and w/ Bluestack I can play Hogwart’s Mystery a mobile game set in Wizarding World


Well, Grim Dawn is either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you approach altoholism. There are 9 masteries (classes). You can select two for your character, and you can have any combination. And you can mix and match skills from the mastery trees to fine-tune your play style… if you’re alt-inclined, it’s very difficult to not keep making new characters to explore new possibilities.

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