Deleted Story

Just curious, but I noticed the story that appeared on Jan 5 ("That’s a horse of a bad a** color) has been deleted.

Was it because the story was likely fictional? Or was there something else going on there?


Good question! Maybe get those deleted stories on the forum instead, with explanation of why they are removed?
Discussions tend to be more civil on here.

Not to hijack the thread, but I’ll join in then with another one I’m curious about – the below story was posted and deleted. I opened an “ask the editors” thread about it but that’s still pending, not sure if it’s because I posted it as “ask the editors” or if the forum objects to using the word “s3xist” (but written correctly), which is what the OP’s company was accused of being in that story.

I’m not sure I remember that one. What was it about?

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The OP describes being a 13 yo girl, on a trail riding her horse, she was accosted by some teenaged guys who suggest they are going to rape her, and her horse defends her and carries her to safety. They teen guys are taken to court, where the judge was OP’s best freind’s Dad, and they got a pretty stiff sentence.


My guess is that it’s either too fantastical and/or a trigger story.

For the story @Married_Dude first posted about, I wonder whether some of the reasons mentioned in the first post here were also in play:

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Possibly. There were a couple of elements to it that made people suggest that the submission was the result of someone’s creative writing.


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