Banning songs

The Welsh rugby stadium have banned the Tom Jones song Delilah, due to what it’s about. BBC News article here

While I can understand why they’ve decided this, I also think that it’s going a bit far. I never interpreted the song as about murder, rather that the singer scared his cheating other half.

I don’t, however, agree with banning the song altogether. They can’t police what people sing, so surely, by banning it, people will want to sing it even more - the “forbidden music”.

What are your thoughts on this?


I don’t know that song. But I do agree that banning does just the opposite of what the banners want and sometimes they banners don’t even actually look or listen to the actually thing they’re banning.

I know Wipkedia can’t be trusted but it could have some simlarities to the Opera Carmen


My thoughts are pretty general and not to do with the specific song in general. Bans/laws/rules that can not possibly be enforced are a bad idea.

There is no way to enforce a song ban in a stadium. You can stop the team from playing it on the speakers but if the crowds start singing there is nothing they can do.

All unenforceable rules do is show that the powers that be arent all that powerfull and encourages broader rule breaking.


Generally speaking, banning something is one of the quickest ways to popularize it. People will want to know what the big deal was.

Banning the performance or recital of something is, likewise, one of the best ways to ensure its performance or recital. People are going to want to “rebel.” And unless you have some way of enforcing said ban, you’ve basically lit a match in a room full of gasoline/petrol fumes. I don’t see this ending well.

They aren’t forbidding individuals from singing it, they are just stopping choirs who are performing from singing it. Which means that Welsh Rugby will no longer be leading the crowd in singing about murdering their girlfriend. I really can’t see who would have a problem with that.


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