A new meaning to self help

I have to be pretty vague here but I still think this is a funny story.

I am working currently at a company selling off one of its businesses to another company. This has involved alot of lawyers and complications and detail. Some of the people that work for the old company are moving to the new company along with the business and some arent. There is also a KT requirement in the contract that requires employees at the old company to train the employees at the new company if they arent moving over.

Due to some irrelevant wording changes to job description and other book keeping changes there is now a group of about 10 people that are now contractually required to sit in a room for a month and train. … . Themselves.

So for the month of January these 10 people will get paid to sit in a room and do nothing for 40 hours a week.


Call them the Couch Coachers!


Contract wording is definitely a skill that cannot be underestimated, but man, imagine being paid to literally self-learn a skill with no presumed pressure. Bet the end result was better than actual training, assuming some dedication :wink:


That’s why so many self-taught people are so talented. I enjoy sewing and am becoming quite good at it under YouTube’s tutelage.

I once taught myself to make origami cranes under similar circumstances. I ended up with a desk covered by cranes made from various colours of post-it notes.

Except, if I understood Opinion’s situation correctly, you’d be expected to teach yourself things you already know.

Those people did Function A in Company1, now they do Function B in Company2, except the two functions are the same in all but name, and thus those who were doing Function A now have to teach “new joiners” (in fact, for those 10 people, themselves), Function B.

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You are exactly right.

Its like if they were called “widget makers” at company A and " widget fabricator" at Company B.

So now they are required to train themselves on how to make widgets


Good point. And…
Hey they get paid and they can relax. Win win?

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