WIBU for asking her to get me a smaller shirt?

I have a friend who I’ve known for years. Last night we exchanged birthday gifts and she gave me a T-shirt which I love. The problem is it’s WAY TOO BIG. I used to wear an extra large but 3 years ago I lost 60 pounds and now I wear a medium. The problem is my friend is a large woman. I could understand it if she accidentally got me a shirt in her size because she forgot to change it. But how can I tactfully say this shirt is way too big? The thing is I want to wear it out and it’s big enough to wear as a nightshirt.

I love the T-shirt. It’s about being a writer so I want to wear it and not confine myself to wearing it as a nightshirt.

Ok update. I put the shirt on. It’s fine and once it’s washed and dried a couple times it will shrink probably.

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“I love the t-shirt!! But unfortunately I will have to change it for another size. Can you tell me where you got it so I can do the return?”

Don’t ask her to do it for you, just ask how you can do it yourself.

Tbh, if I gifted someone clothes I wouldn’t be offended at all if they needed to swap it for another size :no_mouth:


Thing is I know she ordered it online. The reason I know that is because it was delivered right before we left to come to our friends house. I think it’s from Amazon.

Just ask her about it :slight_smile: Amazon has a guide how to return gifts right here.

I’m sure she’ll be happy you like the t-shirt enough to be bothered with this :slight_smile: It’d be a shame for you not to wear it.

If she asks why just say something like “I’m not comfortable with the size” or “I’d prefer a snugger fit” :slight_smile:


If I gifted someone clothes and they swap it for another size, I’d be worried I’d offended them!

And yes, as others have said, probably best to exchange it yourself. Amazon will be more than happy to help in most cases.


I actually tried it on and it’s not as big as I thought. Couple of washes and dries and it will be fine.

That’s good!

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