What would you do in this situation? UPDATE

So we have a bit of a quandary here. My husband came home at lunchtime to find pieces of a mirror from his mother’s car in the driveway. He asked her if she hit anything, etc she said no.

Just now when he came home and we were taking out the trash we found a golf ball. When he went down past our house to get the mail he saw our neighbor (not crazy cat lady) walking along holding a golf club and a bucket of balls.

The issue is the guy is a war veteran and he has PTSD. He was in the hospital for a while because he had the police called on him. We looked at the broken piece and it looks like golf ball divers or whatever they’re called.

We held the golf ball and the pieces of the mirror. I told him we should make a report to have it on record. But he’s holding off on it to look at her car later to see if there’s anything else wrong with it.


So my mil called our other neighbor who is the landlord of the gentleman who more likely than not hit the golf balls and he said he’s going to talk to him. Since my original post we’ve found 7 golf balls on our property one of which had hit the house and slightly damaged one of the side shingles. Hopefully this will be the end of it

Just to clarify is the him in the last paragraph in reference to your husband?

Also was it just a golf ball or did you find part of a club too?

Yes it’s him. Sorry about that. We just found a golf ball but whe saw the neighbor walking along with a bucket of balls and a club. The pieces also weren’t out there when he went for his smoke after dinner. So it didn’t happen until after he heard said noise.

I would be tempted to make the police report mentioning the damaged car. There’s nothing to stop you filling in the gaps later once you have had a more thorough examination.


I would politely ask the neighbor to replace the mirror. I wouldn’t press it too hard if he’s someone who is known to be violent, but asking him politely is unlikely to cause an issue. Any actions past that would be dictated by his response to the polite request.


Agreed. You might even open by showing him the golf ball and asking if it’s his. You can then explain where/how you found it…

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I feel like the neighbors competancy is a factor here. You mention hes a veteran with PTSD and a hospitalization but that still leaves a wide range of possibilities.

A 30 year old back from Iraq with panic attacks


A 80 year old who has dementia and PTSD and doesnt know where he is anymore

Are very different scenarios to my mind and would have different actions in response


I am not sure how old he is but I believe he’s older. Maybe at least in his 50s.

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