I’ve been away a while, because lack of time and personal problems. Trying to get back to my normal self, and I though I’d start with this: (I believe I didn’t see any topic like this yet, let me know if I missed it)

Do you have plans this summer, or did you already go somewhere? Care to share the fun?

I’ll kick off. Right now I’m in @Istvan_Kiss’ town of Szentistván, Hungary. 2 weeks of doing as little as possible, checking out 5 different pools and maybe a city or 2.

Several storks are nesting near by, something I don’t see in my home town.


My parents took me to the shore for my 50th birthday gift. Tomorrow I’m going to a friend’s house and Thursday we’re all going to see New Kids on the Block. We’re a group of 4 and three of us turned 50. These tickets are our gift from the ‘young’in.’ She’s a year behind us. Lol

Glad to see you back.


Heading to the Rocky Mountains again next week for a few days. I expect the water level at Bow Falls will be a bit lower than it is in June.


welcome back!

I don’t have have any plans to travel abroad for some time not with Covid being sky high in some places. But if nothing happens (ie another lockdown) that the end of Sept til October 2nd Mom and I are going to be doing a little group trip with other Murdoch Mystery fans right here in the province of Ontario. The only thing I’m not really “sold” on is the Saturday Night’s Gala dinner at Casa Loma which will have a Murder Mystery aspect to it.

it starts on the Monday Sept 26th in the morning we check in at the fancy and historic Fairmount Royal York Hotel and then we get greeted by some “Special Murdoch Guests”. I’m not sure if there’s a walk or something, but 'we discover Toronto neighbourhoods". And Dinner that night is at the CN Tower

Tuesday after a “luxurious breakfast” at the Royal York. We head to Kingston, Ontario by coach bus. We then get to see the Prison in Kingston that is seen on Murdoch. We have a cruise lunch on the St. Lawrence River. And then we see the Town Square. And then we will be sleeping at the Delta Hotels which will be on the Waterfront.

Wednesday will be breakfast at the Delta Hotel. And then we travel first to Peterborough, to visit locations which are used in the show. And then we head to Lake Simcoe where we we will have a Heritage Grand Homes Tour" We will be staying overnight and having supper at the Briar Resort & Spa.

Thursday nothing really except eating breakfast at the Resort&Spa before heading to Nigara-on-the-Lake. The only other thing which happens on that day is really have a supper at the Winery. Mom and I might check out a museum if we can find any up there since Mom and I aren’t really “shoppers” I do hope none of the other Murdoch fans are afraid of ghosts or are ghost sensitive because our hotel is the Prince of Wales hotel which is supposedly highly haunted

Friday-We’re back to Toronto and we go to I think a street called Dundas which is very historic and then we have lunch and then we have VIP tours of the Murdoch Mysteries studios. We then can have a cast meet and greet and Q&A session. Then we have the evening to explore “at leisure” And we’re again staying at the Royal York.

Saturday is the final day of the tour. We have another breakfast at the Royal York. We then tour Old Yorke and Corktown. And then it will be “time for lunch and having the free time for Toronto” before they sweep ups to Casa Loma for the Grand Murdoch Mysteries Gala evening. Beware there might be a mystery to solve! We stay for the last night at the Royal York

Sunday is a farewell breakfast at the Royal York and everyone goes home!


Got to travel to Europe to see a friend get married in Austria and then took my wife on a trip through Italy a few weeks back. Venice, Positano, Capri, and Rome.

Later this summer Im going to take her to Colorado to see a concert at Red Rocks but that ones a surprise to her.


SWMBO is taking Sproglet north for two weeks with her folks. I will most likely be staying home. I did initially want to do a week long piss-up of Bristol, Birmingham and Derby but I don’t think that it
would be feasible. Our usual cat feeder is theoretically going to Spain on those same two weeks as SWMBO and cattery fees are expensive…


I’ve got a mini-break in Milton Keynes starting Sunday. I had tickets to see The Play that Goes Wrong in September 2020, but, well… 2020 happened.

The production is touring, so i decided to go and see it in MK, and i have a front row seat!

Hope to also do a stroll along the canal at some point, weather permitting, and possibly also visit Bletchley Park museum again; not been in years!


Welcome to Hungary, @Murdocku!
I’m enjoying a holiday in the nice, quaint and definitely Austrian-influenced Hungarian town of Sopron.


My younger daughter and her family are moving back here to our home state (Missouri) at the end of this month, so my older daughter and her family are flying in next month from the east coast where they live and we’ll all have a few days together. We plan to do a few things locally in our hometown, but then spend a few days in the Springfield/Branson area. I am so excited for everyone to be together again! I haven’t seen my two youngest grandchildren (in person) for two and a half years, and they haven’t seen their cousins (my east coast daughter’s kids) in that same time frame. We were supposed to all meet up in Idaho, where my younger daughter is moving from, and that would have been fun, but I’ll take our getting together wherever!


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