Swanson SimLit problems

SimLit is an abbreviation for Sims Literature, meaning written stories with/about one’s sims! SimLit usually includes your creative writing as well as screenshots of one’s sims. I shown a screenshots of my Simit before like one which used a pose which was based off the famous (and early) scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho movie.

Example of my SimLit - #5 by Celoptra

My SimLit plot is more convoluted then the Gordian night. That at the end of Gen 5 the last heiress (Juliet… you guys can guess what her husband’s name is) and her husband had to give up their youngest daughter (of a pair of twins), Selene, due to a one child policy. They handed her over to two of Juliet’s distant cousins (the relatives are related-one, Cousin Sergio II is a cousin from Juliet’s great-uncle on her Mom’s side, Cousin 2 Raven Grant the one that cousin 1 married is related to her from her great-aunt on her great-grandpa’s side). Cousin Raven dies when both Selene and her own child Sara Wendy were toddlers. Cousin Sergio II marries another woman with two daughters of her own and then he two dies.

Anyway a bunch of stuff happens ie basically the Cinderella plot (I borrowed elements of the Indian Cinderella story, the 1950 animated movie and the 2015 live-action one). And also one of the foster step-sisters (I coined that term for my story) is really nice to Selene and Sara Wendy whom told the other two stories. But Selene doesn’t stay with the prince but movies out when she’s 18. Anyway in the chapter I just finished Selene decided to run for the dicator’s job in the next election.

When all of Selene’s plotlines were going down- Foster Step-sister Leah had started a Mischief club which I renamed Villians Kids in 2016. One of the kids is Selene’s twin, Melissa, the twin Selene doesn’t know about (Well she assumed because of what Leah’s mom told her that her whole family is dead). Well the thing is the entire time and even with hanging around with Leah, and two boys Melissa been having suspicions about her parents and grandma hiding something from her.

At the start of the chapter 6.14 Melissa going to discover she was right and confront her parents & grandma. She will also talk to her aunt as well. Her friend Leah will also reveal 1)that she grew up with Selene and 2)that she and Selene are currently roommates.

But my current problem is I need to make the chapter much longer and except for ending being writing a letter… I have no idea how to make the potential chapter longer. Unless I show the Villian Kids (they’re not kids, anymore they’re Young adults but the point is that their club name) being Rotten to the Core and pranking others and stuff?

I figured out some ideas the crew getting up to it’s normal antics (like picture). Melissa (blue dress) going on some more dates but realizing near the end of the chapter that Elliot (opposite her in the picture)- been interested in her the entire time. And the Descendants 2 song “In the Space Between” with Leah (Purple) singing Evie’s lines and Melissa signing Mal’s line when she runs off to the hang out.

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Here’s my fanfiction problem: My current story has turned into two characters having a long conversation. How can I liven it up? Due to canon issues (this story takes place at a particular time in the original work), I have at most two hours for these two to do anything together. And they’ve already had a bit of a tussle, so I can’t do that again. The underlying theme is “unlikely allies”.

Edited to add: Not that kind of tussle. An actual physical fight.


That weird sounds like the plot of Talon series for some reason. “unlikely aillies”

Why not have the two have a problem external to the conversation that needs solving. I’ve not seen Breaking Bad, but i understand there was an episode with just two people, and they had a problem with a fly.

You could have them trying to solve a mundane problem like fixing a leaky tap or finding the fizzled light bulb on a set of Christmas tree lights. And whilst they are doing it, they can talk about their issues.

And all the while, the problem escalates, which will break up the conversation

Bonus points if you can make their problem and/or resolution fit the conversation they need to have in some way

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Stephen whom are you’re talking too?

Leading Zero. I thought i had clicked the reply to them, but i must have clicked the main one at the bottom

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Thanks for the suggestion, Stephen! I like it!

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It falls under the trope that if the story is getting stale, you can revive it by having a man crash in through the front door with a gun. Basically; the continuation of the story doesn’t have to come from where you are but can absolutely be an outside force.

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Was that for me or for Leading Zero?

From context, what do you imagine?


I assume Leading Zero’s

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new SimLit problem In this chapter and the following chapter- I want two of my characters (Melissa Swanson and Leah Calentine) to teach the main character (Selene Swanson) about her family tree-let’s just say the family is really big- how much should they teach her

Clarrisa and her husband had four children -triplets girl, boy, girl, then a single (girl). Girl 2 married the Prince Alexander Goth and they had a bunch of children. The only boy went a bit wild and had him marry more then one girl and there’s a bunch of children from his three different lives one of whom was the father of Sara Wendy Grant- another character in this current generation. And the other girl married a Sim I created in CAS, and the last girl Hannah I married Jacob, the great-great uncle of Sara Wendy Grant.

Hannah and Jacob had twins (America and Lucy) and then had Beatrix and then Jessie and Robbin.

America then married David Landgrabbie and had four kids- Elizabeth and Cora, then Elliot and then Julian.

Elizabeth married Wyatt (a sim whom family I made in CAS for child years) and they had only two daughters together - Juliet and Hailey.

Juliet married Romeo (whose family up until this time had been the Swansons’ enemies) and the two of them had Melissa and Selene.

Rule of thumb: I expect that people will know their first- and second-degree relatives.

First-degree is your parents, your siblings, and your own children.

Second degree are aunts & uncles (parents’ siblings), grandparents (parent’s parents), and grandchildren (children’s children). This would also include step-parents, step-children, step-siblings, and half-siblings, I suppose.

Third degree (which people may or may not know): great-grandparents (parents’ parents’ parents), great-aunts and great-uncles (grandparents’ siblings), first cousins (parents’ siblings’ children), great-grandchildren (grandchildrens’ children).

I forgot I should have explained

Selene Swanson doesn’t really know any of her relatives - as far she knew up until now because of a lie that (what I’m going to call Foster Step-mother- FSM from this point on long story) of her Foster Step-mother, she thought her immediate family ( her twin, her grandmother, her aunt, and her parents) were all dead.

At the beginning of this chapter Selene gets letter (Via the courtesy of her roomate Leah, one of the two daughters of FSM above- whom actually happens to be related to her via her Dad’s family-again long-story) and it’s from Selene’s twin whom just discovers despites dreams that Melissa had during their childhood and teen years (Despite Melissa’s family claiming that such twin doesn’t exist)… that Selene does actually insist. Selene thought for years her last name is “Grant” which it isn’t… because she didn’t know otherwise.

So she doesn’t know Clarissa (whom is the founder of the Swanson legacy- without her or her husband there wouldn’t be any Swansons in the first place) from Aunt Lucy… she doesn’t even know whom Aunt Lucy even was or any of the Swanson’s family because of FSM.

The family over the course of five generations became the royal family of the fictional town that the Swansons -outside of Selene- had lived in. And they have ties to in my head two other royal families-one Great-Great Aunt married into one royal family of Town A and her great-grandmother married a prince of another royal family (the said prince, gave up his title to marry her since he had to move in to the Swanson residence) of Town B and Melissa’s and Selene’s father Romeo was the prince of this fictional town but his Dad gave up the ruling of the country to Juliet and her family so that Romeo is actually a Prince Consort. (the reason the former monarch gave up his title to Juliet is that Romeo’s family up until this point had basically dragged for three years- Gen 2, Gen 3, and Gen 4 through the figurative mud)

There’s no children yet in the picture from any of Gen 6 cast that’s not until chapter 20 I believe I’m only on Chapter 15.

I have a bit of dilemma here. For majority of my SimLit I use poses to tell parts of the story - (See song thread). I want to use other protest signs then the one in-game. But the problem is that the only protesting/marching poses (or protest signs) avaible are for BLM or Pride. The only other option is for me to demote my one sim to Level 1 have her quit the job and reapply and have her choose another cause. And rinse and repeat one more time to cover I think all three of the several SimLit causes

The only thing I can do is saying at the beginning of the chapter “I’m aware of the fact these protest poses/signs are for BLM/Pride.” When I go to write and post that SimLit chapter.

I mean technically part of Selene’s campaign is talking both racism and homophobia. That reminds me… I need to film some pictures.

I also could do links at the bottom of the chapter to history of racism, and homphobia?

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