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YAY! And it has that recipe in it?

The taco salad or the Mircowave chilli? I can’t remember what we were talking about. But yeah this kid’s cook book has both recipes in it. Jean Parre “Company’s Coming” Kid’s cookbook. And the cookbook also still had thin cheese cookbook Mom brought home from her supply teaching jobs.

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It was the taco salad.

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Yes that’s it. Not that i need it -I know it’s in there. The first dish I made in Summer of 2012 -and Dad was the one who let me make it!

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I had good food today, while it was relatively loud, there were no arguments, everyone with dietary restrictions had plenty of food, and there were several good games of bananagrams and rummy.

Now I’m home with a melted cat purring in my lap. Happy day.


Charles Schultz, one of the greatest, most renowned American cartoonists (for those unaware, he created Peanuts, featuring icons such as Snoopy and Charlie Brown), would be 100 today… and it’s nice how other cartoonists make tributes to him (such as Jim Davis with Garfield).


Thanks for the link, I haven’t been to Go Comics for ages.

Many of those are very nice tributes, but this one just plain cracked me up.

ETA: I just found this link to all the tribute comics: Cartoonist Tributes #Schulz100 - Charles M. Schulz Museum

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