Should this employee's outburst turn this story into a NAW?

It sounds like this employee put up with so much negativity from this customer that they finally snapped.

Should their outburst turn this story into a NAW, or was it well-earned?

What do you think?

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Weeelll… I think the outburst itself is well-earned, especially if this really is one of those customers who always find something to gripe about regarding their food. Maybe the “f*** you” was a little over the top, but I can very well imagine it’s justified, since OP has reached a snapping point.
That said, I think it’s NAR and NAW as well – not because of the OP but because of the owner who, apparently, won’t stand up to their employees.


When being physically attacked, which you could say happened here with throwing food, I think this response is warranted. So for OP, it’s just NAR.
I agree with Istvan though, Owner is really NAW.


I think OP should have just quit and gotten over it but I also can’t fault them for doing it, and imo if I can’t fault the person in the story then it doesn’t belong on NAW.

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I think it was justified. If anything, I’d more say the NAW in the story is the store owner for not banning a customer that was supposedly a known complainer and problem, and, as OP points out, not standing up for their employees.


…on the other hand, I think this story would be an easy NAW exactly because of OP’s outburst.


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