Share your favorite example of "killing with kindness"

This could be an experience as an employee, with family or friends, etc.


OMG I have a good one for this - one time I was driving on a very busy highway in north Texas (For the uninitiated, “North Texas” drivers are INSANE and rude, plus they think laws are suggestions), when I and another lady tried to merge into the same lane. I was ahead of her, so I went through with the merge (laws). She got SO. MAD. at me- was honking and screaming and cussing at me. All I did was wave at her with a smile.
I should’ve just slapped her with a room-temperature fish. She utterly lost it and spent the next 5 minutes driving aggressively to get ahead of me so she could then slam on her brakes and cuss me out some more. Thankfully, I was about to get off anyway, so her leaving the lane gave me an opening.
I will never understand road rage. Sure I grumble at people, but actively using my very expensive giant metal death machine to try to annoy others is so confusing.


hi i’m new i’d really like to hear some really good tips if it is ok


Hiya! Feel free to look around!

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