Roller thing to put empty milk bins on for employees or customers to do it?

I’m have this weird question. But to explain it, I have to explain about how milk is sold in five provinces in Canada.

In Ontario, Quebec and the three Maritime provinces (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI) milk is sold in 4L bags. So that means 3 bags of milk in one 4L bag. In some stores at least in Ontario, the 4L milk bags are in bins/crates behind a fridge door like the ones where you can get stuff like Ice Cream, or TV dinners. In these fridges at the bottom of the fridge there’s this roller thing (similar to ones you might see at places like airports, or other security check places) that if the bin is empty someone puts the empty bin/crate on and the bin/crate presumably goes back to the back of the store.

My Question is do you think the roller thing is for customers to use or for employees to use?

Milk page 1

the roller belt is something like what’s in this picture, but in a fridge instead

Why would those be for anyone but employees? There is zero reason for customers to need that sort of equipment, it’s for employees stocking boxes full of stuff.

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Well if the roller thing wasn’t there in the fridge the empty bins which have no where else to go would end up on the floor and that would be an accessibility hazards for not just employees, but for customers as well especially those whom were disabled- since it would be a very big trip hazard and when there’s not a lot of room around some of these :milk/egg fridges, either because of the overpriced “end point” sale of shelves, or because of one of those open freezer things with something on sale is right opposite the door of the milk fridge

I’m no longer sure how to picture this area and have no idea how it works. If you can draw a picture to show me what it actually looks like or somehow take a photo of it I might be able to figure it out.

my drawing especially on paint kind of sucks. Just you know those “standing” freezers (unlike the non-standing freezers) in grocery store where one might buy, frozen veggies or other frozen meal-relates stuff?

Imagine something similar in this case but for milk bags (like the ones shown up above) in crate (shown in my last picture) -in between some crates of milk (we have different varieties’ of Milk 1% Skim, 2% in bags) there’s this roller belt in the fridge/freezer so when some has empty one milk crate of milk bags (when you remove the crate, a new crate of milk bags slides down from the back of the shelf), someone is suppose to put the empty crate onto the roller belt thing for it to go to the back for it to be restocked.

So my question is is the roller belt suppose to be for the employees or for “helpful” customers whom don’t want to create trip hazards of crates?

very bad drawing the blue, red and pink are suppose to symbolize the crates, and the “ears” are suppose to symbolize the milk bags inside them. And the black lines in between the 2 other black lines are suppose to inclidate the roller belt

This might be a better picture-a bit different from what I’m used too but basically same idea applies

Now I’m even more confused. Is the picture a top-down view or a view facing the freezer? The photo makes me think it’s facing the freezer, in which case there is no reason to do anything about the empty milk crates and the rollers are just a way for employees to slide the milk into place. Either way, as far as I can tell there is zero reason for a customer to interact with the rollers.

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Well in my drawing its a basically facing the freezer, -yes there are sliders for the milk crates themselves (not seen in the drawing) which brings another crate of milk forward but the slider I’m talking about goes in the opposite direction to the sliders which are underneath the crates

and the other one I got off Wikipedia, is presumably a side view of the front of another version of a grocery story “fridge” with milk crates and the slider/roller thing

Edit: I’m only been thinking of this question because of how easy it is to access the said "Crate return’ for a customer because times when I been at one of the stores with Dad grocery shopping and be needs to get milk and either the milk in the first crate has a stale “sell by date” or there isn’t as many as he would like if he empties the milk crate of one of these freezers, he just puts it on the floor of the store and when there’s the open freezer- thing, and a bunch of chip items and some impulse buys boxes-so making very little room for people to get buy-I have to park at the open freezer thing or opposite the freezer, just to get by my Dad, and then walk back to get the milk bag- that it drives me so bonkers when Dad just puts the crate on the floor so I have to pick it up and open up a freezer due to put it on the “return” belt.

I think you should ask the store about it. They may have a policy stating that customers shouldn’t use the return rollers because of risk of injury, like if you have to bend down and your necklace or lanyard gets wrapped around the rollers.

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Thanks for that suggestion but I think it would be really hard for either a necklace or a lanyard to get wrapped around the rollers of the roller belt unless the necklace/lanyard was either really long, or the person was very short.

Like I tried to describe it this “crate return roller belt”- is similar to the ones you have to put you bins on for of watches, cellphones, laptop, etc in at airport security check point before it goes on the “main conveyor belt” to be checked by the x-ray machine. But instead of it being “out in the open” like that, it’s either in an open sort of frigerated section (like picture posted) or it’s within a closed fridge area.

secutiry belt

And if the said area around the fridge- is jammed with a bunch of stuff-(ie: open freezer display case, a standing one and maybe some I’m going to say 1-2 “boxes with legs” full of stuff they want to trick you into buying, and other potential trick you into buying, things- that if one puts an empty crate on the floor it could cause harm to someone, weather to an employee whom has their arms full if they aren’t using a trolley or a pallet forklift, or for a regular customer whom might be looking at their shopping list on their phone, or for a customer’s kids whom might be running around?

For me to get 4L milk bags from Dad, I have to litereally either parrel park the cart at either the Open freezer display case, and or I have to parell park the cart on the other side of the freezer next to the open fridge display case and walk either back/over to Dad and then carry the milk back/over to the cart

Not to mention the problem it would create for someone in a wheelchair or using a walker trying to get throw such a narrow space

That I think for me, it’s better to create less of an accessibility hazard for someone (customer or employee) by me putting the empty milk crate on the “roller belt”, then for someone to have to clean up the mess later (the mess crate on floor=accident)

Edit: we can’t see the belt in the video - but we can see an employee putting an empty milk crate, on the said belt

in this video:

It was an example. That’s why I said “like if”.

sorry misunderstood you!

Every single part of this thread just makes me realize how silly it is to sell a liquid in a bag. Milk jugs like I am used to don’t require a container to hold them that then has to be dealt with.

I still think that the rollers are supposed to only be used by staff, if only because they seem positioned to make sure that the product appears at the front of the display, but this entire discussion could be avoided if your milk came in a solid container that held its shape rather then one that could easily deform and break without a protective carrier.

Where I am, milk bags come in larger bags to carry multiple, and they just get laid down in the bottom of the fridge.

I think there are two kind of “rollers”/ belt there’s the Roller 1 which is underneath a line up of milk crates- so that once you take an empty milk crate off the shelf another slides down to the front. Something simliar happens with jugs of OJ-and some other drinks in the fridge-freezer area But then there’s the 2nd type of “roller”/return belt- the latter is what I am talking about-

And also if I have an empty milk crate in one hand where am I suppose to put it if I don’t want to put it on the floor to cause an accident and yet you need 2 hands to take 4L milk bags out of the next crate?

4L milk bag
Milk page 1

the induvial milk bags inside the 4L milk bag

we put one of those ^ milk bags into a milk jug like this:

in some stores in Ontario/Quebec/Martimes Provinces they can be 4L milk bags which are sold separately within in crates

or the milk can be “just lying flat” on a frigates display shelf or standing upright on the shelf.

And 1)it’s suppose to be less waste then compared to the jugs or cartons of milk and 2)in Ontario at least the only reason bagged milk (including bagged chocolate milk) is still sold-is due to an old law in Ontario. "That Ontario restricted the selling of more then one pint or the equivalent of 473 millilitres of milk in containers other then plastic pouches (bags), laminated containers or coated paper containers

Once 4L jugs of milk showed up on the shelf here in order for stores to sell them, that either the store or the producer needed to have some kind of recycling and despot system in place and some stores did do that but it meant an added cost because not only did you have the price of the milk jug, but also an extra amount which was a “deposit” for the jug for when you needed to recycle it after you were done with the jug. 4L bags don’t have this rescrition so that stores much rather still carry it, rather then the 4L jugs. "

Hi all! I’m new here and my first reply is on milk! :smiley:

Does the roller thing move on it’s own at all? Can you just put the crate down and not move it? Or is it just angled down so that it slides? I think if it were me, I would just place the crate on the roller thing and leave it there.

Slightly related question for you, Celoptra, can you recycle the plastic packaging? We used to have bagged milk here in BC but we stopped quite a while ago. It seems to me that bagged milk makes less garbage but I can recycle my plastic milk jugs so I was wondering if the bags were recyclable.

It just kind of does it on it’s own once you put it on the roller thing… And nope with this one store there’s not really anyplace to put it except on the roller thing because I don’t want someone to have an accident in the narrow space around the milk/juice freezers… I have a hard time myself in squeezing by that area with a shoping cart so if I need to help Dad with milk- I have to either park it on Side A of an open freezer and then walk back a couple of paces to Dad and get a milk bag and then walk back to the cart. or Park it on Side B of the Open freezer display case and then walk over to Dad at the other side and then carry one bag back over to cart. And there isn’t anyplace to put them in the freezer/fridge thing except on the roller thing because once you take an empty crate over, another slides down in its place w/ milk in it.

and as for your second question…I’m assuming you’re talking about the inner bags? As far as I know Ontario doesn’t have recyling for that. But I do know for the outer bag-people from my church turn it into I think it’s mattresses for people in like Africa

Got it, so it seems to me that it’s fairly easy to just put the crate on the roller and away it goes, but you’re just wondering if it’s allowed/ok with the store if you do it? Could you find someone working in dairy to ask? I think if I were in that situation, I would just do it.

That’s cool about the mattresses made from milk bags, I’ve seen a similar thing with grocery bags here and they’re given to homeless people.

except when Dad and I are there there’s no one in the diary section because they’re still stocking up the store because the president of this particular chain and a bunch of others in the same chain don’t want employees before the store opens at 8am.

Oh, I hate that! Same thing happens here and you have to maneuver around giant pallets as they’re stocking.

Maybe you could ask at checkout and then you’d know for next time.

the people on the cash register aren’t the same people stocking. Its two different groups. And at check out I’m kind of busy trying to bag the groceries and even when i’m done… sometimes I have to wait for Dad to stop talking because I think this one cashier we got to at (Store 1) was one of Dad’s former students like (Chinese Restaurant owner’s daughter) and how Dad talks