Mousemats - Landscape or Portait?

Something I had a discussion about today with someone in the office.

I use my mousemat in portrait while practically everyone else I know (who uses one obviously) uses theirs in landscape.

So, how do you use yours? :smiley:

Mine is square…so, however I’m feeling at a particular moment, I guess?


So, how do you use yours?

As a coaster.

Stopped using mouse pads years ago, as I was forever running off the edge and catching the feet on the edge when pulling it back…


Portrait-ish, partly because of how my home working computer is set up: in the office, I ran the mouse on the desk, but here, well… there’s a large size old desk diary book, about A4 dimensions, perched next to the computer, but not on a desk. And the book isn’t a a good surface for the mouse, so in fact I have a stiff-covered smaller magazine lying on the diary… and portrait-ish.

I also have a touchscreen due to recurring wrist problems, but a lot of the software I use doesn’t like me to use the touchscreen!


I had to re-read this so many times before I understood what this is about :sweat_smile: Time for bed, I suppose

And yeah, if I use one, definitely landscape


I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question :wink:


:smile: nice.

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Definitely landscape – I make more horizontal movements with my mouse than vertical, so having good horizontal coverage is more important. (That said, it’s also wide enough to cover the whole mouse holder surface vertically.)


Portrait. My mouse is on my right, as is the surge protector my Kindle is currently plugged into while it charges. If I turned it to landscape, the edge would be pushed up against my Kindle. And the way I move my mouse, I’d probably push it right over the edge even without a barrier. So landscape it is.


haven’t had a mouse pad in years


Optical mouse, no mat required. When using a mat it depends on the picture on it. Right now I’m using a Drambuie bar runner as a mouse mat, so landscape.

Interestingly, mouse pads are still useful even with optical mice.

I never used to use one at work, but then I noticed how glossy the surface I used changed the sensitivity. So I just use a mat now so it’s consistent :slight_smile:

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I don’t have one anymore. it was bothering my arm, so I have determined it’s too hard to keep them clean enough to not bother my dust allergy.