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Ok the way this game will work is I’ll start out the story and then I’ll tag someone to continue it. Here are the rules:

  1. Don’t tag the person who tagged you. This way we don’t have a bunch of back and forth.
  2. Story should be at least 20 replies long. After that it can be as long or short as we want.
  3. Person who ends the story can start the next one or tag someone to start it.
  4. Keep it clean.
  5. Replies should be at least a sentence long.
  6. Have fun!

Here we go!

It was Halloween night. The girl decided that this Halloween would be different than all the other ones. Unlike the rest of her friends she didn’t want to go to the party. She decided that she’d try something new.

She waited until her parents took her younger siblings trick or treating and then carried a candle and the dusty old book up to the attic. She’d come across the book in her favorite used bookstore and thought it looked interesting.

She opened the book to the first page and read the following words out loud.

@RavenclawRover your turn!


“Gentle reader, have a care,
What’s held within may shock and scare.
If you wish to proceed henceforth,
Turn yourself west, south, east, north.
Each year on All Hallows’ Eve,
What occurs you won’t believe.”

@Stephen, over to you!


Uh… okay, she thought, as she desperately tried to work out which way was which.

The street runs roughly north to south, and our house would be on the east side? Yeah. So when you come in through the door, you go straight up the stairs and turn left, and…

She stopped, and remembered that she had a smart phone, and called up the satellite view of the street. It showed a view from a couple of years ago, when they still had the red Ford. Her eyes flicked from the car to the roof of the house, and a small glass panel among all the tiles.

Ah, the skylight points directly north! Daft side to put it, as the sun never properly lights that side. Anyway, that wall there is west!

She looked west, south, east, north.

Nothing happened.

Did I get the orientation right? She wondered, and glanced at the satellite view once more.

The red car was gone.

But there was… something there? She zoomed in, but the resolution was too poor. It looked a little bit glowy, a very pale blue.

She looked up from the phone, and noticed a pale blue light coming in through the skylight, faintly illuminating the rafters.

She grabbed a sturdy box and placed it as close as she could to the skylight. She climbed up to take a peek outside…

…and I’ll let @Sillsallad tell us what happened next!


(I’m sorry, I will have to pass for now. Life is full of stressfull issues atm and my creativeness is at an all time low! Maybe you can summon someone else @Stephen :slight_smile: I will still enjoy reading the story though)

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Hope things get back to normal soon!

@RebeccaBlue, do you fancy having a go?

To her surprise, she saw a small figure sitting on the roof. It seemed to be gently glowing, and had its back turned to her. She could hear a faint voice, unintelligible words broken up with sobs, or perhaps laughter.

As she stood on her tiptoes, straining to hear what words the being was saying, she noticed several other glowing blue figures. All of them with backs turned. She tried to count them all, “One… two… three… plus the five over there makes eight.” She raises a hand to the glass to steady herself as she turns around but-

“Yowch!” She yelped, falling off the box as she recoiled in pain. The glass had been unbearably hot, and she struggled to unclench the fist she formed automatically. The skin was tender, but thankfully it looked as though there would be no perminent damage. Provided she could get it under a cold tap soon.

As she was about to stand up, she glanced back up at the skylight. She froze. The creature nearest the skylight had turned around. While it appeared to be staring at her, there was nothing but empty space where the eyes should have been.

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“Come to me oh fleshy one!” the creature whispered. The girl turned to run but her legs froze in place. The creature’s eye sockets flashed orange fire ans and a hand reached out. She felt an invisible grip, vice-like on her torso, before being lifted up and dragged towards the skylight. Closing her eyes, she braced for impact against the glass but was dragged through like it wasn’t there.

“Welcome to our world,” the creature whispered and grinned. It had five sharp teeth, three pointing down and two up. It reached out to touch the girl and a firery pain ran through her arm. “So fragile…”



Just as she waited for the creature to sink its fangs into her, she suddenly heard it scream in pain as it was blinded by light.

“Come on! We don’t have long!”

Looking around for her savior, she found another girl a few years older than herself reaching out her hand.

“Who are you?” she stammered, she asked, taking the proffered hand.

“Not here! Let’s get someplace safe and I’ll tell you everything!”

Still clutching the older girl’s hand, she ran along the passageway. Finally they came to a crevice which they both crawled into. A few feet in it opened up into a cave the size of a small bedroom.

“We’re safe in here. Most of them are too large to get in here. Those that aren’t can’t stand the smell of this,” she said, holding up a very surprising repellant.


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The girl stared at the little bottle of lemon juice in her saviour’s hand.


“Yeah. To be honest, any citrus scent would do, but I tend to have lemon on hand because it has the best effect on them.”

The older girl went back to the opening of the crevice and splashed some of the juice on the rock. The roars of the creatures outside stopped. Peering through the crevice, they saw the creatures slinking off.

The girl breathed a sigh of relief.

“How did you find out about the juice?” she asked her companion.

The older girl hesitated.


@RebeccaBlue can tell us!

“It was a couple years ago now. Id had discovered this very same book. When the creatures appeared, I ran. There was a 24/7 supermarket just a couple streets down. I thought if I got somewhere more populated, then maybe they’d leave me alone. They didn’t” At this the older girl stared in the distance and started fiddling with her thumb.

“Couldn’t anyone else see them?” the younger girl asked.

“I don’t think so,” she muttered, “Nobody even seemed to notice I were there. There was an old lady in the same aisle, but even as I screamed she never turned to look at us. If I hadn’t stumbled backwards into all those juice cartoons, I don’t think I would have made it.”

The two sat in silence for a while, neither wanting to break the silence. After what felt like an eternity (but was probably only ten minutes) the younger girl spoke up again.

“So… How long until this stops.” She asked.

The older girl barks out a laugh. “Stops? No, they never stop.”

@Stephen you take it from here.

Been a wee bit busy, but I’ll do my best to write something later today


“You mean to say that those, uh… things -”
“I call them Glowies. No idea what their real name is and I’ve never hung around long enough to find out.”
“Okay, those Glowies. Are you telling me that they’re going to carry on chasing us forever?”
“Yes and no. A Glowie, if it sees you, will chase you relentlessly until it catches you. It will even ignore other people if it is chasing you. But if you can give it a reason not to”, she said shaking the bottle of lemon juice, “then they will leave you alone. At least until the next time they see you. Anyway, I’m Rachel. Pleased to meet you”
“Oh, er, hi. I’m Jane”
"Hi, Jane. Well, we can’t stay in here all day and chat. You up for a bit of a run?

@AthenaCat , how would you like to take us from here?

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The two girls kept perfect pace alongside each other as they ran through the forest, weaving in and out of the trees with surprising grace.
However scary this is, at least I’m not alone thought Jane as she shot a glance at Rachel besides her. She’d never had a friend before, and she could already tell that she and Rachel were going to good friends, if they got out of this alive.
“Where are we going?” Jane asked Rachel between breaths.
“There’s a shelter I rigged up that we’ll be safe in if we can make it. It’s not too much farther, just another-“
Suddenly, with a loud crack, Rachel trod on a tree branch and tripped forward, landing hard on her ankle…

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…and her head smashed hard on a rock. Blood poured from a wound on Rachel’s forehead. Jane dropped down onto her knees. “Stay with me!” she sobbed, the futility of the situation becoming more apparent as her new friend lost consciousness.

“It won’t wake up, fleshy one,” giggled a voice. A glowie leant up against the tree, giggling and tossing a small bottle up and down. The lemon juice bottle. “Leave this one and save yourself, for now!” it giggled again, almost in a sing-song voice. “We are hungry and this sleepy head has been on the menu for months! Nice and lean…”

Jane looked at her heavily bleeding friend as more glowies began to appear. At least eight. She closed her eyes briefly, assessing her options. Rachel was taller than her by about 6 inches and appeared older and, most likely heavier too. “Time is running out fleshy one…”

Would @jbmasta like a turn?


Jane leafed through the book in desperation. As she shuffled the pages forwards, roughly enough she thought she might rip some out, a small piece of paper the size of a Post-It note fluttered out loosed from between the rough layers of parchment.

The Glowies recognised the complicated pattern of twisting lines, like brambles covering a cart wheel, and all joviality vanished. The creature holding the lemon juice bottle dropped it in shock, splashing its side with the acidic liquid and bubbling flesh producing a smell like burning flesh. Jane was definitely going to remember the Sunday roast in a whole new way.

Flicking back to the pages containing the sigil, Jane read the words the lifeline had bookmarked. “Through this rune and with this charm, protect those who lie within from harm.” Beneath herself and Rachel lines of faintly yellow light formed the Rune of Protection, the giving an extra burst of the light on completion.

One Glowie hurled itself in the girls’ direction, but as it made contact with the light a sharp stench hit the air. Its eyes went wide as the consequences of its impulsive decision hit, burning away to nothing. Realising she may have a means to help Rachel, and the two of them to fight back, Jane returned to the tome that had given her a second chance. She wasn’t going to waste it.


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