I need easy snack ideas that aren't horrible for me!

I work full-time at a desk at home. And my town finally got restaurant/fast food delivery services last year. You can already see my problem, I’m guessing. A certain doctor of mine, who shall remain nameless and annoying, recently told me I need to make some changes. But Hot Pockets are so good and so easy! And I’m already growing bored of grabbing a piece of fruit or a veggie and slapping some peanut butter on it.

HOWEVER. I often lack the time and/or energy to put together stuff that’s very complicated, though for the right recipe, I might be persuaded to do a little prep on a weekend or something. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m open to anything at this point! Got some veggie-straw chips that blow your mind or some kind of smoothie mix that you love? Or a low-effort recipe that I can throw together on a lunch break?

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Do you prefer sweet or savory? Any food restrictions/allergies/dislikes?


In the summer I often have jello fruit cups or little yogurts as snacks. Or sometimes a piece of fruit with some cheese or nuts. Dates are nice and chewy but can’t eat too many of them, they add up in calories. I’d like to try one of the no bake “bliss ball” recipes some day: Example recipe


Here’s a recipe for homemade hot pockets that you can freeze.


I also recommend going to skinnytaste.com. They have a lot of freezer friendly snacks and such. I highly recommend their chocolate chip yogurt muffins. You can use the base and make different flavors.


Thanks so much, folks! I’m definitely bookmarking recipes!

@Sugarhorns - I don’t have any allergies, though I am trying to cut back on dairy and cholesterol. Most of the stuff I don’t like is easily avoided/swapped/picked out, like mushrooms or pineapple. :slight_smile: Thanks for asking; I didn’t think to mention those things!

I also don’t know what you think about eggs but I love making egg muffins. You take 9 eggs divide them into a 12 spot muffin pan and then put your favorite fillings in them and bake them at 350 until done. You can use liners or not. I’ve done them both ways. They freeze really well and are a good pick me up because of the protein. They keep you full.


Ok, then. . .

Cherry tomatoes make a great snack. So do olives - look for the small packages that don’t have any liquid. They are also good for portion control. Get some celery sticks and stuff them with peanut butter, with or without raisins. Popcorn, with whatever kind of seasoning you like.

Get a pound of walnut halves. Melt 1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup soy sauce, add the nuts and saute medium heat until almost all liquid is absorbed. They will get crisp as they cool. Also works with almonds or pecans.

Those are the first ones that come to mind; I’ll probably think of some others later.


This probably won’t do for your lunchtime snacks, but these are really easy quesadillas. You need two tortilla wraps per quesadillas, or use one and fold it in half with the filling inside.

The filling is chopped or grated whatever vegetables you fancy. Here’s some suggestions:

Carrots, celery, sweet (bell) peppers, chilli peppers, onions, etc.

Mix in a bowl.

However much you have of veggies, you need to add an equal amount of grated cheese. Mozzarella is ideal, but any grated cheese will do.

Stir into the mix.

Add seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne, mustard powder or whatever you like and have to hand)

Heat a dry frying pan on a medium to high heat.

Put a tortilla wrap in the pan, then add a good scoop of the mix, and spread it over the wrap. Add another wrap on top. (Optional: if you wet the inside edge of the wraps, you can press together to seal it. I admit I don’t bother).

When the bottom wrap is a nice brown colour, flip it and cook the other side. Tip: get a plate and place onto of the wrap in the pan. Holding the pan handle and plate, you can invert the quesadilla so it is now inverted on the plate. Slide it off the plate back into the pan to cook the other side. Don’t toss it like a pancake, or you won’t have a dining area but a blast radius!

Serve and eat immediately!

Optional, but less healthy option. Cut up some bacon rashers and dry fry them in the hot pan first. Alternatively cook some bacon lardons. Once cooked, tip onto some kitchen paper to sink up the grease, then stir into the veggie and cheese mix at the start. You can then use the same pan for cooking the quesadillas, but I recommend using some more kitchen paper to clean the grease out of the pan first, otherwise there is a good chance your quesadillas will stick and burn.

Source: Jamie Oliver’s Keep Calm and Carry On Cooking


That sounds yummy!


Are you in the United States? I recommend the carb wise wraps from https://www.tumaros.com/

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Cracker. Tomato sauce. Little bit of cheese. Optional Single pepperoni.

Bagel with lox and cream cheese. Optional capers and/or tomato. Season lightly with Rosemary.

Put two bananas in the blender with two heaping tablespoon of peanut-butter. Optional teaspoon of vanilla, half cup of milk.

Sliced Tomato wrapped in Basil leaves. Lightly salt. Optional: Slice of Mozerella

Slice take thin slice of deli ham, spread walnut butter on it. Optional: Wrap around cherry raisins.

Take large cabbage. Boil in water with a broth cube for 5 minutes. Take leafs off one at a time. Fill each leaf with mixture of oats, ground meat, garlic, your favorite vinegar, and salt. Roll and place in pan. Cover with Marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. Bake 350 for 90 minutes. Eat one or two for snack when hungry.

Take bread. Cut bread into small squares, about the same size as the circumference of a cucumber. Spread lard, margarine, or smashed avocado lightly on each square. ​Slice cucumber. Place cucumber slices on bread. Optional: Hot Pepper Jelly.
Butter doesn’t work, too solid. Oil doesn’t work, too liquid. Personal preference is duck lard.

Take steak. Beat on steak with hammer until flat and thin. Spread mustard on steak. Wrap around pickle. Optional: Onion, bacon, anything else you want inside. Bake 325 for 90 minutes. Eat one or two for snack when hungry.

Poor man version. Take slice of Deli Roast Beef. Spread mustard on it. Wrap around pickle. Enjoy.

Take fresh garlic. Remove garlic skin. Pour oil into frypan. Turn to medium. Put garlic in frypan. Roast until medium brown. Pat dry. Eat one or two when hungry (garlic is an appetite suppressor)

Take bread. Soak overnight in fridge in milk or cream/egg mixture. 1 cup milk or cream per egg. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or steam in double boiler for 45 minutes. Optional: Raisins, dried fruit, tablespoon of rum.

Take day. Have nice. Enjoy.

Tired now. More later.


I used to boil cabbage for a short time in order to remove the leaves and use them for stuffed sweet-and-sour cabbage. I found a better way. I put the casbbage in the freezer the night before. Take it out a few minutes before you want to get started. The leaves peel off easily and are really pliable. . .and no burned fingers!


Mmm, but I boil them with beef bullion cube so that it seasons them. Still I can see the advantage of your way.



Take large spicy peppers (Jalapeno or Anaheim). Cut out stem. Remove veins. Wash out insides. Fill with mixture of canned crab meat and cream cheese. Bake at 325 for 25-40 minutes. Optional: Mix bacon bits into cream cheese with crab meat. Eat one or two when hungry.

Take dates. Stuff with goat cheese. Roll in bacon, secure with toothpick. Drizzle with honey. Optional: roll in Sesame seeds. mix Rosemary and thyme into goat cheese. Bake 420 for 20 minutes. Eat one or two when hungry.

Take cranberries. Peel oranges. Blend peeled oranges. Grate peel for zest. Cook cranberries with blended oranges and some zest. Optional: add sugar, cinnamon and/or cloves to taste. Homemade cranberry sauce. Caution: Very bitter compared to store bought. I enjoy it. You might not.

Serve on bread with Tukey Deli meat. Optional: Herbed bread.

Take 5 carrots. Slice finely. Put 1/2 cup milk in blender. Blend carrot with milk. Optional: Cardamom, Saffron.

Tired again. More later.


is it funny I actually had veggie-straws last night with supper?

My parents and I just take a recipe and just add veggies to it to make it healthier for suppers


Thank you all so much for the ideas! I really appreciate all the thought y’all have put into this. Making me so hungry!

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Take Carrot, Celery, Dry Mashed Potatoes. Mix Dry Mashed potatoes with chicken broth. Chop carrot and celery into small pieces. Mix with Mashed Potatoes.

Microwave at 50% for 20 minutes or 100% for 10 but watch for burning if you use 100%.

Serve on bread with deli turkey meat. Optional Cranberry sauce.

Take Sesame seeds. Roast in frypan. Grind in blender.
Take lemon, zest lemon. Add lemon zest and lemon juice to ground seeds.
Add olive oil until smooth. Tahini, a Mediterranean dipping sauce.

Hummus: Just like Tahini except with Garbanzo beans, garlic, and cumin. Tahini is often mixed into Hummus.

Baba Ghanoush: Just like Hummus, except use roasted eggplant instead of roasted Garbanzo beans.

Take canned black olives, canned salted flat anchovies, and capers. Mix in blender. Tapenade, a spanish dipping sauce.

Take Pita Bread, warm in microwave. Spread Hummus or Baba Ghanoush on Pita Bread, spread Tapenade (Caper anchovy olive mix) on top of hummus or baba ghanoush on top of Pita. Eat.

Take 1lbs ground beef. Mix in blender with 1 egg, salt, garlic, and worcestershire sauce. Form into balls. Cool all the way through. Meatballs.

Meatball sauce: Take drippings from meatball cooking. Mix 1tbs butter and 2tbs flour in another pan. Cook until evenly mixed, then add drippings. Add 2 tsp sweet balsamic vinegar or alegar. Cook until brown. Add water, while cooking. Cook and stir until desired thickness.

Tired now. More later.


The absolute tastiest spreads I’ve made up for wraps:
Cream cheese + pesto. I like Barilla’s Genovese. Turkey and loads of veggies.
Sweet chili and hummus, with roast chicken.

A small tub of brown rice and a can of tuna. Here in Oz at least, we have tons of flavor options - Malaysian curry, tomato/onion, sweet corn and mayo.


My favorite cranberry-orange dish is a no-cook dead-simplification variant on Valiant_Potato’s:

Thoroughly wash a bag of cranberries and a whole, unpeeled orange. Cut the (still unpeeled) orange into eighths or so, put those and the cranberries into a food processor, and chop until it looks like relish. Stir in ~1/2 to 1 cup sugar; at this point you could sub other sweeteners or add anything else you like, seasonings or nuts or etc., but I like it plain. Let sit in the fridge for a couple of hours (better still overnight) to meld the flavors and bring out bright color, stir, and enjoy. Makes about three cups; great for snacks, as a side dish, as bright topping on anything from pork chops to pancakes, etc.

Easiest chicken dish ever:
In the morning, plonk raw chicken (as much as you want, fresh or still-frozen, with or without bones) in a slow cooker. Douse it with enough of your favorite salsa to thickly coat it (more if you want a lot of sauce). Set cooker on low, cover, and ignore until dinnertime, when the chicken’ll be fall-apart tender and salsa-flavorful, ready to eat as-is on its own, or over veggies or your carb of choice, or to fork-shred and enjoy in tacos or wraps or soup or on crackers or whatnot. It freezes and reheats fine in that state, too, and makes a good hot snack.

Veggies and hummus make an easy cold snack – just chop (or buy pre-chopped), dip and munch. Cheese sticks are good, too.

For a simple won’t-get-sad-if-it-sits-at-your-desk-all-day snack, a small handful of roasted nuts mixed with bite-sized dry fruit of your choice is quick and yummy.


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I don’t remember if I posted this before but here’s a link to a great site that has healthy snacks and such.