Game - Going to a Party

This is another game that really makes you think. Kids play this but I don’t see why we can’t play it too here. The way that the game goes is we’re all going to a party and you list what you’re bringing and what you’re not bringing. But everything you’re bringing has to be related in some way. I’ll start us out and you can see how it works and if you can guess how the things are related. The first person who gets it correctly in the forum thread gets to do the next one.

I’m bringing:

Balloons but not darts
Cookies but not chips
Beer but not wine

I’m guessing you’ll be playing a game of Frisbee but not Jenga?

Eating toffee but not fudge?

Yep. :slight_smile:

Are you taking double letters and leaving single ones?

Just taking double letters is enough. Yep. You’re up.

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I’m going to a party, and I’m taking:

Cake, not chocolate;
Quiche, but not pavlova
And i doubt anyone wants me to bring doughnuts.

Feel free to suggest other items. I’ll tell you if it’s allowed

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Are you bringing flowers but not seeds?

That’s right, flowers are fine, seeds are not

I might bring some chips. Mustn’t forget either the salt or vinegar!

Shame i can’t bring crisps though.

How about I take the gifts and leave the presents?

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Gifts are fine, presents are not good.

You got a guess?

I think you leave all your duplicate letters at home.


Spot on, @Murdocku! No repeated letters here!

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I’m taking a sequoia, but no palmtree.
Also bringing a movie, probably on video since I won’t bring my DVD player.
I’ll be wearing my beanie, not my baseballcap.

Taking cards but not a board game?

I’ll take neither.

No two worded items?

Taking a fizzy drink, but not soda?

I might bring my super soaker.

EDIT: whoops, no super soaker, but not because of the 2 words.

No fizzy drink. A soda sounds nice though.