Foolish people closing doors in a former jail

(This involves both a foolish worker in the one story and in the other story, a foolish tourist.)

When I was gone on my trip at the jail in the one town. When we were in the long section of the jail the tour guide had to explain to us why they had the doors chained opened.

Story 1:
A Swedish film crew and cast were filming in this prison. For some reason the director wanted the actor to get a real feel for the cell, and actually closed the door. Because it had been a real prison (up to 2013), they didn’t have keys for the door so they had to go into town and call someone so the actor was trapped in the room for about half-hour.

Story 2:
A tourist group was going through the prison and a wife decided to I guess “prank” her husband, and when he went into the one cell, she closed the door behind him and the tour group had to wait for him to be recused half-hour later.


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