Fed up with waiting!

I’m really fed up with waiting to get the “community funding” money so I can go get a bacon gaming computer. We don’t want to use my own money since if I use “community funding” money I can get reimbursed if I used the “community money”.

We started the process of getting me onto the “other servicers for people like me” in Dec 2019. But in March 2020 we stopped the process. After having to explain mutplie times of explain that the “services” weren’t for mental health only. And explaining what the pysch
assessment was for. I’m started the process again in Feb 2021. I did the pysch assement in March 2020 and in early May I did the other two assessments which will help “decide the support I need”.

Now in March Mom suggested I could get a new computer and a gaming computer at that through the special “community” funding which happened because of “viral yuck”. Now we got the first “big envelope” from the main services saying “I’m eligible for (services)…blah, blah, blah.” at the end of May.

But we are still waiting for a 2nd “big envelope” which will let me do “community activities” in normal time. But Mom called at the end of June and the woman she talked too said "they had a large amount of “community funding” applications to go through. And it might “Take up to two months”.

Mom said she would go on Tuesday of First Week of August. But then she remembered that Monday was a holiday so she didn’t call until Wednesday. And it’s now the THIRD week of August and we still haven’t heard back. I want Mom to call again but Mom doesn’t want too.

Now to top it off my sister has her own problems “relationship problems” and otherwise . And is now here. And my parents don’t want to have to deal with TWO adult daughters having “meltdowns” but I wouldn’t be having a meltdown if we had gotten a bacon gaming computer by now

Sure my gaming computer issue is minor compared to my sister’s problems. But I’m really didn’t want to be stuck for the 2nd month of summer with my 2014 year old computer. And my parents haven’t done any more research since JUNE on a gaming computer.

I mean how much longer do I have to wait before my parents give up on waiting for the “special” community funding before we use MY OWN money to buy the bacon computer?

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Bacon = certain curse word that you can’t use here on the forum?

Computers really are freedom these days; I’m sorry you’re going through this.

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I use the word “bacon” as a replacement for swear words like “F” word. Not just here but on other websites as well.

It just I can’t use my 2014 computer when it’s humid out because when I do try to use it during that heat my computer freezes up on me. And the ONLY way I can shut it off is a way I believe damages the motherboard: the power button on the tower.

For some reason my mother thinks a gaming computer might help with humid times. But if I have to wait till Sept, or later to actually GET the computer… I wouldn’t be able to test it those levels until summer of 2022. And the last time I had a fight with my parents prior to today-about this gaming computer problem-Dad says “what if the gaming computer freezes up in humid level?” while I argued back while we can’t find out until OCTOBER now can we since you guys done shit!" They don’t even want to do MORE research until we get the “big envelope”

and my Mom’s so annoyed with me bugging her about it she says she “will move out” and today in our fight today about the computer- Dad said if Mom moves out, … I wll be kicked out and I have no cellphone. And my friends are too far away to help.

I think the power button is not a big risk for any of the parts, but you’d have to google it to be sure.

Have you tried adding more cooling to your current computer?

My parents don’t want to upgrade it because its so old (2014). computer. Espically not when we’re in the process of getting a new computer. But we can’t get a new computer for me until we get that bacon money

I want to have a bacon meltdown but I can’t. I can’ t because my bacon oldder sister is bacon here with her two dogs and she has her own bacon problems. I want to have a meltdown because I’m bacon fed up with waiting for the bacon money for the new gaming computer. And now Mom’s is saying “We are taking it one day at a time” while I been waiting since bacon bacon MARCH for this new computer and I still haven’t bacon gotten it! And I already waited Three "bacon* weeks to hear back from the bacon person who deals with part of it. After waiting an entire bacon month. Since Mom called Wednesday of the first week of August. It’s now the THIRD week of August and we STILL haven 't heard back . And my parents don’t even want to do anybacon research into what is the best kind of computer for me until we hear something from bacon people.

Correction the reason the parents don’t want to do more research until we hear back is so we know how much money the funding will cover for my computer. And if its still avaible

Sounds like you need a break more than anything.
If everything is terrible, it can help to spend some time doing nothing.

but my “nothing” time involves being on the COMPUTER. And when I’m can 't be on my computer I’m stuck reading.

So basically you have very limited computer time because it switches off… unfortunately you cannot hurry an office, and if the office gets angry with you then they will be less inclined to be helpful.

And clearly, you do not have spare money to just have nice things.

A 2012 made computer still should be able to work in hot weather in Canada (I think it is temperature that matters to a computer, not humidity, which is evaporated water in the air; humidity matters to people because we sweat to cool down). But the hottest part in your computer probably is the microprocessor, which has a “heat sink” hat to cool it and probably its own electric fan. If that isn’t working right, then the processor will overheat itself. The whole box also has a fan to pull hot air out of it. If it was portable, a laptop, then I’d suggest a cooling lap table for it, mainly because that takes work away from the built-in fan, and it takes more time to wear out. But you mentioned a tower model of computer. If it has these issues then I don’t know if you have skills to fix them.

If this is a 2012 games computer then it may be “overclocked”, which is where the processor runs faster than designed, but also hotter. And it may have an overheated graphic processor, too, on a separate board. An option to set a lower “clock speed”, either on screen or by a switch or a little plug (a jumper) on the motherboard, would make it run cooler. It will still tell time and go online, but it won’t play games so well. By the way, the main fan also won’t do a good job while the computer case is open, or if there are poorly placed “expansion cards” inside. Air should flow through the computer and I guess out at the back. But I suppose you could have it open but aim a house fan into the box.

If there’s a more cool room in the house then your computer may run better there. Anyway, make sure that its main fan is running and isn’t obstructed, that air is moving. (The fan may be officially controlled by the motherboard temperature, so not on all the time, which might be better.)

If your computer has an unused drive bay or expansion slot, it would be possible to buy an extra fan designed to fit there.

If you use USB plugged peripherals, then a separate powered USB “hub” will use its own power supply to operate those peripherals, instead of the power from the motherboard. That may help the computer to stay cooler.

Maybe you could use something like ice packs on your computer - it’s a box or a plastic pouch filled with water; you freeze it, then you put it with something that you want to stay cold. But I think this probably would get wet on the outside if there is any humidity at all, and water really is bad for the computer.

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2014, not 2012. We got the computer around the Same time Sims 4 was coming out which was 2014.

I DO have a lot of money in my bank account which we could use to buy a gaming computer with it. The only thing I have used it for is to buy lunches from various places-mainly restaurants and next month-I can go back to McDonald’s.

But no my parents want to me to use the “gov’t” 's money to buy it (or at least partly buy it) so I can get “reimbursed” vs if we just use my money which means I wouldn’t be able to get reimbursed

But we been talking at least since March about getting a gaming computer and it’s already the third week of August and I’m have had enough waiting. I just want and go GET a gaming computer with my own money if we knew what the best to get which we don’t… they don’t want to even do more research until we hear back from the gov’t.

I can’t even open up my Sims when it feels like 40 out. I can only open up my game if it’s feels like 24-28 degrees C

I’m so angry I’m just want to be a freaking Hulk and just punch something because I have already waited for WAY to long and I didn’t get a clear answer from my Mom if she will call again in Sept if we don’t hear by the end of THIS month from Mom’s SECOND call. All she bacon told me is that “We will take it one day at a time” and I’m have had ENOUGH waiting And ranting about it on a billion different sites have not helped at ALL. It just get me MORE pissed off. And I can’t call the people because I don’t have the bacon number for it only Mom has.

It’s either they’re taking a very LONG vacation (three+ weeks) or they’re working like my Dad’s says at “sloths pace from Zootopia (Zootroplis to non-Americans)” in other words they’re going V.,E…R…Y, V…E…R…Y. S. .L…O…W…L…Y.

Since my only way for me to take my anger out is through my Sims and when it’s going to me humid the rest of this week and maybe next week that means I can’t use my ONE way to escape.

Inspect your computer while it is running: Are the fans turning? Do they speed up as the computer is getting hotter? Is there dust in or on the case? Do you feel the hot air leaving the case? This might tell you if the problem is your processor, your fans, or dust.

Here’s a quick guide that might help your computer’s overheating problem

  • Order a can of compressed air.
  • Turn off the computer.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • Open the case.
  • Clean everything by blowing the dust away with the compressed air. Make sure all air intakes are clean, those clog up the fastest.

Optional Advanced repairs
This comes with a risk of ruining your processor if you make a mistake. Take this seriously and study for it: Read the guides for your specific processor, fan, and case, and watch a couple youtube vids.

  • Order heatsink paste / thermal paste.
  • Remove the processor fan.
  • Remove the processor (handle it carefully!)
  • Add a small drop of thermal paste on the side of the processor that was pressed against the heat sink (large metal grill). The paste should not be touching the sides of the processor in any way. Seriously, use a small drop.
  • Put the processor back in its slot.
  • Put the processor fan back. (Make sure to re-attach the wire)
  • Close the case.
  • Connect the power cable again.
  • Turn the computer on.
    If it doesn’t shoot sparks, then you used the correct amount of thermal paste (I kid, I have no idea if thermal paste is conductive to electricity)
    NB I’ve only done this once, so I am by no means an expert.

Good points. I didn’t consider it, but once I looked it up, this PC has exceeded the estimated lifetime of the heatsink paste.

I’d say:

Before someone attempts this work, discuss it with your parents. (I don’t mean everyone, I mean Celoptra). It needs to be done carefully, it should not be expensive, and if successful, it will relieve your computer’s overheating problem. If they don’t agree… don’t make it another thing that you argue about.

Do make sure that the small fan on the motherboard, which is sitting on the processor’s heatsink, probably in a square box, does run. I think it may start and stop when the computer is turned on, then start again while it is running. First of all, before you switch on - in fact maybe best if the computer is unplugged - gently push the air blades of the fan, to see that it turns freely. If possibly it’s stuck and it can’t turn, then this may unstick it.

If there is no processor fan, then probably somebody thought that your computer doesn’t need one. They may be right, but that leaves the heatsink and paste.

A good account of dealing with heatsink paste seems to be given in this discussion Forums - Toms Hardware

Points not covered by us already are to clean old heatsink paste off both surfaces, carefully, and to expect the replacement paste to be “oily” - “silicone oil” it says here.

Thinking about it - perhaps you should “pour” then discard a tiny amount of the new paste, then apply “fresh” paste as described.

Do not use tooth paste for this project instead. I am nearly certain that the result will not be satisfactory.

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I spent last year from May-August doing every possible computer test. And everything looks fine but I had the same problem last year as this year. I thought it was origin thing…but apperently it’s not. And Dad took it to the store where he brought it from-but the person just said in a fancy way “I needed a new graphics card”. But when the computer starting freezing again this year Dad went back and forth about stuff “there’s no point” and then the next night he’s says he didn’t remember saying that

Toms Hardware is a great source for computer stuff.
I need to check my computer’s heatsink paste as well, it has been years. The computer still functions quite well, but the fans tend to be louder than I like. One has a really annoying sound, as if it is slightly uneven, but I haven’t managed to correct it. Maybe I’ll just order a new CPU fan while I’m ordering the paste. They’re not that expensive.

Man, I love the concept of this passive cooler, but it is quite expensive:

Re: noisy fans, you might see about re-oiling the bearing. I keep a bottle of sewing machine oil on hand for when mine start to whine or rattle, every few years or so…

and again there’s no point in trying to update the computer since its from 2014. And we’re in the process of getting me the new one. If only the “big envelope” would get here.

For the lols, Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick • The Register Forums
has a few more things to say about heatsinks and fans and computer power supply.

I own a TV box whose performance was and is increasingly poor, especially when the heating was off. I believe that its power supply plug (AC transformer) is the fault, since using the power plug from a different box, it’s fine. But I had to put that one back where it was.

I linked to comments on a story from the business computing world, which also turned out to be (spoiler) a power supply that was making the computer nearly work, but not quite right.

Well like I said we’re going to buy a new computer whenever this community funding gets here. And as of Wednesday of this week it will be a month since Mom called since the first week of August. Since last year I spent from May-August testing everything and everything works. it just in this kind of heat my computer freezes up.

and the 2nd day of trying to play despite it being cool- my computer froze up on me for no reason. And it doesn’t normally due that unless it’s hot and humid and Mom doesn’t want to call until fucking Wednesday- due to today being a holiday. I just want to light a fire under the community funding ass. I mean if we don’t get the money soon-we might be stuck having to pay for it out of my own bank account since I’m don’t know when I’m going to get the bacon money