Dad's driving me crazy with turning off the lights!

Dad’s drives me crazy turning off lights when I’m not done in a certain area. This while sometimes wasting lights or even the TV in other areas of the house despite him not being IN the house.

Today I was making myself a microwave hot chocolate and because of a lack of a main overhead light which Dad still hasn’t fixed. We been compensating with two counter lights and occasionally the other remaining main over head light which is further away. . Dad asked me to go check the mail. Mom said I should do it “then” and I went and put my shoes on (and after I put notes on both the screen door and inner door because Dad was outside getting the recycling bins from the street) -I raced up to the mailbox and back down again and he turned off the front hall light, and he also turned off the one kitchen counter light that I was using So I turned it back on on my way to have a “speedy delivery” of mail to Mom and when I was returning the bag to the front hall, Dad turned the one kitchen light I was still using off AGAIN and I had to tell Dad I hadn’t gotten my hot choclate yet and he said “he thought I had finished” but if he used his EYES he would notice that the MIRCOWAVE wasn’t the bacon opened yet! And when I continued he claimed I was aruging.

This is the SAME Dad who likes to waste four lamps in the living room-when guests are over (my sister and boyfriend) or like to waste 2 lamps in the family room. Sometimes if he goes out to “Crappy tire” he will sometimes even leave the TV on in Family room. And every night he has some kind of “midnight snack” before bed and he always turns the TV on in the kitchen to listen to the news but he never turns it off…so if it bugs me on one of my trips to the bathroom or something…guess who has to turn it off?

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