Coworker vandalized COVID vax information sheet

By the time clock at work, there was a COVID vaccine information paper up on the wall. Someone took it upon themselves to write “don’t drink the lemonade” on it.
So I told the GM and it was taken down. :smiley:

(But also I thought the saying was kool aid not lemonade?)

Oof. Scary to find out one of your coworkers is a delusional conspiracy believer. Scarier still to think how many other basic idioms they’re getting wrong!


Maybe someone in the office is a “secret lemonade drinker”. :slight_smile:

And maybe the person who actually brings in lemonade wants them to stop taking it. Or do you have it laid on?

It was a slogan for a lemonade company… and there are claims of it being used to refer to other personal secrets that you really want to keep secret.

As for

Apparently the cult mass “suicide”, technically murder, actually involved something called “Flavor-Aid” which to me sounds bad even before this happened. Evidently, whoever coined the expression felt the same.

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If you want to find out what really happened, you should read Undaunted: Surviving Jonestown, Summoning Courage, and Fighting Back

It was written by Jackie Speir, who was shot 5 times and left for dead at the airport. She was part of the Congressional delegation sent to investigate. She not only survived, she currently holds the seat Rep Ryan occupied at that time.

Note: both Rep Ryan and (now) Rep Spiers were and are close friends of my sister’s.