Another NAR v NAW debate!

I’m looking at a story from this week’s editing batch and I’m not sure where to put it.

Has Some Cabbage Baggage

We have a sale on organic cabbage for eighty-five cents a pound. A week later, a woman comes in.

Customer: “You had your cabbage on sale for twenty-five cents a pound, but you’re charging me too much!”

Me: “It was on sale for eighty-five cents a pound, but I’ll call the produce department to find out for sure.”

Sure enough:

Me: “It was on sale for eight-five cents a pound, and now it’s $1.79 a pound.”

She won’t have it.

Customer: “Even if I’m wrong, you should give me a dollar back! The customer is always right!”

My assistant manager overheard her yelling (since the entire store could hear her yelling) and decided to appease her by giving her a dollar and a $10 gift card for her troubles. The assistant manager later told me that no one should have a bad day over a dollar. You know, unless you’re employed by the store.

Awarding bad behavior is ridiculous. I wish everyone would unite and not give in to the ridiculous demands given by terrible customers!

So, what do you think? Is this a case of a bad customer going overboard with her demand for a dollar back, or is it a case of a bad manager caving to ridiculous demands and setting an annoying precedent?

And remember, it can’t be both - you have to pick either NAR or NAW! (I know, it’s a toughie.)

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Why can’t it be dual tagged since both the customer and manager behaved badly?

However, if I had to choose which would have annoyed me most had I been the OP I’d have chosen the manager and hence I suppose NAW is my choice. They don’t mean “Noone should have a bad day over a dollar”, they mean managers don’t want to have a bad day over a dollar. Their behaviour all but guarantees bad days for cashiers in the future.


I’m undecided, but at the moment I’m leaning more NAW. Thst might change by tomorrow.

Here’s an alternative title though:

Maybe she’s brassica lint?

(Very niche pun, based on Cockney rhyming slang)


I’m leaning NAR, but with an bonus smack upside the head for the manager (figuratively, of course).

Why can’t it be tagged with both? I swear I’ve seen stories with both tags before.


I’m leaning more NAW.


If forced to make a choice, I’d go with NAW. It’s the enabler for the NAR.


Definitely should be both.

But if I HAD to choose ONE, I have to go NAW simply because the customer got not just a dollar, but also a giftcard.

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About why it can’t be dual-tagged – IIRC, one of the editors said earlier it messed up their database, so they are leaving the practice. EDIT: It wasn’t necessarily the database, just that it makes things “too messy”.

As for this story, for me, it’s slightly more NAR; yes, Assistant Manager is a douche, but this all was started by a Customer not accepting that things are not on sale when it’s convenient for her.


We need an ESH tag, or something of the kind.

Let’s brainstorm!

NAH = Not always heroic
NAH = Nobody acts heroic
NAF = Not always fair
NAC = Not always correct


Nobody is Right.


I vote for this one.

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Not in the Right


I also vote for Nobody is Right


NAR, because if it wasn’t for that customer, there would be no story at all.

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Hey, folks, thanks for chiming in on this one! By popular vote, it looks like the NAWs have it! That being said, we are in the process of working on a tag that indicates when multiple parties are in the wrong (as some of you may have seen in another thread on this board). Thanks again for your help!