You have the ability to invent a new holiday, what is it?

This could have to do with a game you play, a place you want to go, a favorite food, or anything, really.


Something in August or maybe March. I think thats a bit of a gap in the US holiday schedule

Jan- New Years
Feb- Valentines
Mar - spring break/ St Patricks day?
April- Easter
May- Mothers day and Memorial day
June- Fathers day
July- 4th of July
August- ???
Sep- Labor day
Oct- Halloween
Nov- Thanksgiving
Dec- Christmas / Hanukkah / several others

My preference would be something related to making. Like a long weekend about celebrating making things/hobbies. Maybe you exchange gifts that have to be handmade or you get people together to eat and put up some big project you couldnt do on your own.


Yep, there’s definitely a holiday gap. And something creative would be really fun. Handmade gift exchange parties = FTW.


I think Canada has statutory holidays in every month but June and November (our Thanksgiving is in October). So for June, I suggest Gardening Day - a bit like Arbor Day or Victoria Day, but more organized. Give potted plants to your friends in apartments, help spruce up public parks or the homes of seniors, or just visit a local garden or park. Give out free seeds for native species, have gardening-themed fairs and education events indoors (in case of poor weather).

November definitely needs something more than Black Friday, which is an American import. Maybe something astronomy-themed, since the nights are getting longer?


My year:

Jan - New years
Feb - nothing
March - nothing
April - Walpurgis
Mai - nothing
June - Midsummer
July - nothing
August - nothing
September - nothing
October - nothing
November - nothing
December - Lucia, Christmas (well, jul :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’d love to have a autumn holiday, I love all four seasons and autumn is coming up short. Walpurgis, midsummer and “Christmas” feel like season celebrating holidays, the wonderful autumn has been forgotten.


Every January, we should “celebrate” Brexit.

The way we do this is line up every politician, columnist, and active campaigner who promoted Leave prior to the referendum by any one of the sewage filled rivers.

Then, each person is invited to give a tangible positive benefit to Brexit. All answers will be fact checked.

If they can’t think of an example, they will be forced to fill one of the job vacancies (like fruit picking) that is empty owing to no freedom of movement.

If they give an example that is false, they are given waders and a net and told to clean out the river.

Anyone who utters the phrase “early vaccine rollout” will be made to clean out the river by drinking it clean. And that punishment is also automatically applied to any MP who voted for removing the environmental restrictions that allowed the rivers to be filled with literal crap.

snarls angrily

breathes heavily

loooong breath

Or how about a nice little Bank Holiday in November? UK doesn’t have one then!


doesn’t June have Father’s Day in it?

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My new holiday: Read a Book Day. Everyone gets a day off to enjoy reading. Or listening to a book. Can be comic books or cookbooks. The point is it’s a book.


Election Day should be a holiday. I’ve actually toyed with the idea of sending out a petition to make that a thing - the Day of Rights, where you get the day off and government officials talk about the rights that the citizens have. But other than that, I think quantity is more important than the details. People need more holidays/days off.

Though honestly, I would be tempted to come up with something incredibly bizarre that everyone has to do just to see if, in a few decades, people start defending it as a time-honored tradition even though it’s some nonsense I just made up.


Love this, and I was going to say something similar. It reminds of the Icelandic “book flood, “Jólabókaflóðið”


@Celoptra - For sure, but a statutory / public holiday is a holiday that is a day off work (more or less).
January - New Year’s
February - Family Day (in a couple weeks)
March / April - Good Friday
May - Victoria Day
June - nothing
July - Canada Day
August - Civic holiday (BC Day etc; not a holiday in every province)
September - Labour Day
October - Thanksgiving
November - Remembrance Day (ooops!! how embarrassing to forget Remembrance Day!)
December - Christmas (Boxing Day is given at employer’s discretion, it is not legally required)

Realistically, if we get another holiday in June, it will probably be National Indigenous Peoples Day, which is already a holiday in NWT and Yukon, on June 21.

However, I think Skogvinne was looking for something more whimsical, like Pi Day, which I try to celebrate every year.


I do have a Bathroom Reader which gives some unsual hoildays but I don’t know where it is at the moment. I have too many of them!

Looking online:
June 14th is Pop goes the Weasel Day and June 16th is National Take Back the Lunch Break Day

Until I can come up with something cool of my own, I’ll just briefly hijack this thread to mention Holiday Doodles, a website where you can learn that each day has some (sometimes bizarre/random) “holiday” assigned to it and enjoy Missy Meyer’s charming drawings while doing so.


And according to my calendar, Quebec has St. Jean Baptiste day in June and Newfoundland has Discovery Day.


There are lots of great holidays, but not enough whimsical ones, I feel.


That’s generous, letting them wear waders. I’d send them out in nowt but swimwear.


A holiday for retail employees that runs consecutively to Black Friday in the states.

I would call it “Advanced Customer Service Day” and it would allow all retail employees to fight customers with no legal or job based ramifications.

This law would be passed on the federal level.


The Purge for retail workers? That seems fun. It would sure spice up the stories on NAR too.

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February - new holiday: Super Bowl Monday (day after Super Bowl Sunday.) This day has shown to be less productive, presumably due to Super Bowl parties the day before. (realize this is US-centric, but if Stephen can post a Brexit holiday, figured this would be okay.)

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