Writing a Tabletop RPG

I’ve been working on converting my favourite jRPG series into a tabletop role playing game for a few months now, and I think it’s finally at a point were it’s actually playable.

So… I figured I’d share it here. If anyone has any feedback that would be much appreciated, though you don’t have to (obviously).

Main things I’m working on at the moment are grabbing the rest of the weapons and equipment from the wiki so I have them on hand, and trying to get the enemy stats to balance properly.

glances at index, sees orbments and quartz

Okay, I’ll give this a skim.

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At first glance it looks like a decent D&D spinoff, but I’m curious about the thought process behind the damage calculations. Having the STR mod essentially determine the number of dice rolled rather than a flat bonus to the score of a set amount of dice is ripe for metagaming; glass cannons are going to blow up cities that way.

Which of the games or series is this based on? Cold Steel?

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I based it on the games that came before Cold Steel (specifically Trails in the Sky and Trails to Azure).

When I was figuring out how combat was going to work, I looked up the actual formulae and decided that was going to be too complex to get a non-computer to do every attack. And I remembered hearing the the additive nature of the arts in particular made the more powerful spells essentially useless when you get to higher levels.

So I decided to make it multiplicative instead to try and circumvent that, and came up with the idea that the stats could control how many dice are used and the weapon or art would control which dice is used. So now instead of (for example) d4+100 and d%+100, which differs at most by 96 damage (significant, but not worth the extra EP cost and cast time the higher level spell takes), we have 100d4 and 100d100 which can differ by 9600.

Actually, maybe I should leave it as it is for the arts, but for the weapons I can change it back to additive since there isn’t really any penalty over using one weapon over another, so it doesn’t matter as much that the difference in damage output is kinda low. But the arts would be so obviously superior to weapons…

I made the stats a lot lower than they would be (which is making the enemies difficult which should mean players aren’t too likely to get to the stat levels that were causing issues in the first place. So maybe they would be okay still being additive. This is getting kinda rambly sorry, so I’ll leave it there.

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