Would you rather only listen to your favorite song, or never listen to your favorite song again?

And what is your favorite song?

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The first thing I thought on reading the question was, “…but what is my favourite song?”

I have a top few that I like best at different times, which makes it an easy decision; I would definitely rather lose whichever one has the slight edge at any given point, than all the others!

Now I’m going to sit back and discover whether I have to lose Birdhouse In Your Soul (They Might Be Giants), or Carry on Wayward Son (Kansas) or Lowlands of Holland (The Levellers) or Glory (from Selma) or… you get the idea…


Keep my favourite song.


Not really a song, but my absolute favourite piece of music is Oxygene part 4, by Jean-Michel Jarre.

But if it has to be a song with lyrics, probably Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield, and sung by Maggie Reilly


Only listen to my favourite song. Because my favourite song is whatever song I’m playing on repeat at the moment; I don’t keep favourites after I get bored of repeating something lol.


I would choose to lose my favorite song. I would find another one that I like just as much while being able to listen to every other song ever made lol.


I would drop my favorite song (that changes pretty often too)

Songs lose their “thing” if you hear it too often, so just having one for the rest od my life would drive me nuts

One of my favourites at the moment:


Never listen to my favorite song again.

I can’t stand hearing the same song twice in the same listening session, regardless of time passed or number of songs in between. I would grow to loathe my favorite song very, very quickly.


Tough choices!

Ohh, Nightwish - always a good option!


Makes sense, and yes, putting something on repeat either makes you love it more or get tired of it!

I’m going for not listening to my favourite song - I know it off by heart, so if I need to, I can sing it to myself!

That song would be This Is Me from The Greatest Showman.


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