Worst Job You Ever Had?

Working in a shoe factory, disposing of the defective footwear. I had to get out, it was sole-destroying.


Selling vacuums— I abhorred it!


I used to make glue until i told the boss to stick it.


Cold calling to sell subscription lottery tickets.
I got fired halfway through my 6th day. The first day was training, after that, I should’ve logged in with my own account. Because I worked on that training account 2,5 days, they said those wouldn’t be paid. They also promoted the job as: training costs X, if you last a year, it’s free. If it lasts less, your last cheque will be cut for 20% of that trainingfee (work less then a month, pay 20%, work 1-2 months pay 40%, etc).
They lied.

I worked close to 6 days, earned I believe € 72,- before taxes.

On the upside: I only sold like 4 subscriptions in 6 days, so I don’t feel really bad about it. (Goal was 4 a day)


Adult social care - Work itself wasn’t an issue but was the epitome of the saying that “People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad management.”

Also night shift didn’t help with SWMBO’s attachment issues.


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