Working Around Literal Containers Of Pee

One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever had to deal with was at the company that gave me my first job, now, technically this was now my 3rd job as I had moved off to work for EK Fernandez shows and then came back to the same computer repair store in a new location.

This location was a build out of a large storage unit, desperate for tenants, a self storage facility near my hometown decided to allow small businesses to operate out of the garage style units to the rear of the property.

The shop was properly built, it had a fully constructed and painted drywall frontage that separated a “front counter” area from the tech shop in the back. The only thing we didn’t have was a bathroom as, obviously, in a storage unit there was no plumbing. My boss was unfortunately a very large man and even though our unit was fairly close to the main storage building with the bathrooms he wouldn’t always make the trip and started peeing in cups or any random plastic containers laying around the shop. . .and then. . .he’d just leave them there. . .

I mean we are talking about small plastic bins just filled with multiple days worth of pee just sitting around along with cups, bottles, whatever he could fit his ---_- into to take a leak, and it would just. . .build up, and build up, and build up, I wasn’t about to touch them.

Meanwhile I’m back here trying to clean or work on computers and I keep encountering these cups of piss, I’d literally have to keep track of where they were so I didn’t accidently knock one over or pull one out in pursuit of a part or something.

The me of 2012 didn’t say anything about it though, these days I definitely would as I’ve found my voice in the last 11 years.

One day his daughter came to visit the shop and she lost her mind about the issue, she kicked me out of the shop and screamed at my boss for a good 2 hours before collecting every pee filled container she could locate and dumping them into the toilets at the facility, she and I then spent the entire day cleaning that shop from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

It’s such a weird thing to look back on now, not just the fact that it happened but the fact that I was willing to deal with it, took it in stride and just kept working.

I credit this shop for teaching me what it means to have a job, the responsibility of maintaining a schedule and how to speak to and handle customers. I held my original position consecutively to my Junior and Senior years in Highschool and I think it gave me a major leg up when I properly joined the work force.

However. . .there are. . .many. . .things I’d change if I could go back, including slapping myself and my boss for the pee cups.


Your story reminded me of this AAM letter:

On the one hand, that boss had an actual bathroom he could have used, but didn’t. On the other hand, at least he disposed of it!