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Today’s story on NAW (this story: Boredom Can Drive You Over The Edge)

reminds me of my own experience with a similar stupid “work program” for people with ASD. The way the advertised the program was advertised in a way that it would help me actually get a job. The first few weeks (Tuesday and Thursdays only) was only doing paper work (like resumes and some role-playing). Then the last several weeks was doing actually stuff.

Like First week was doing stuff at the gym (home base) i just remember bumping my head on weights at the gym after wiping them) and then the next week was more doing work at the gym the then gym head (CEO?) used to work with my father and then Office Admin Assistant at the time( don’t know if she still is) was a sister of a volunteer from my (day-program). Then the following two weeks were at the local library - the first week- I and another person did some cleaning up of the children’s section and then put “discarded” tags or something on books for the discard bin they used to have. Also I think we were shown how to like “check-in” books from the book drop. I learned then, that apparently you can take the yellow hold tape off the book when you get the them). The following week, me and the other person went upstairs to the archives. And did something about historical pictures? The archivist happened to be one of my Dad’s former students so like most of the town, she kind of recognised me.

Then another week we went to the Commerce building can’t remember what we did though. Then another week we went to a plant nursery and some of us “tagged” prices onto plants. Then the following week- well the week after that really- we then want to a nearby farm. I helped birth a lamb and then I believed I mucked out the same stall as well. Then I took a walk with one of the facilator and I think a donkey tried to nibble my hat. Then most of the group did something about separating something from wool?

And the last two weeks were spend in a Retirement home. First week I was just sitting there watching a recreation person trying to get the old people to do exercise or something. Then the following week I did the laundry room.

But I didn’t get a job from them they kept telling us doing the program “we should be doing it on our own time” but yet they advertised it in such a way that it meant they would help us get jobs.

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It sounds like their goal was to give you experience to put on your resume and teach you the typical skills one might need at that type of job. I can’t see the ad so I can’t tell if it was misleading, though.

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I can’t remember the flyer which is how it got my attention. But when I asked at the gym to talk to the facilator leading the program - she kind of implied during the conversation that “they would help us get jobs” which turn out not to be true.

The implication that the program would “help me get jobs” was the only reason my parents let me join in the first place. We then hated it that they kept saying “we should do it on our own off-time”

My only OTHER problem with the program is that the facilators have 0 clue about Disability income and kept saying doing the classroom sessions that “we should pick up other shifts” once we have a job. And that’s a HUGE no-no for people on Disability income they still wouldn’t listen even when they had a program for parents of people in the program and not in the program which my Dad and I attended.

Well, they were helping you get jobs. They were helping you by giving you experience and teaching you useful skills. I’d need to know what they actually said to give a judgement (though I don’t expect you to remember)

I don’t actually remember what they said… but they advertised and the facilator talked in such a way that it seemed to be implied they would actually get me and the others in the program “set up with an actually job” and not just do '“work placements”.

The implication of getting an actually job which is the only reason my parents let me be part of the program in the first place so we’re all really ticked off when we found out otherwise that I had to “upload our resumes on our own off-time” which is not how the one facilator worded it too me originally

Ok in other words the way the facilator worded it was something which came across as “during class time we’ll help you apply and get jobs” only for them to double-cross us and tell us to do that kind of stuff in our off-time (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Weekends) with only parental help.

I mean my Dad even scolded them during a parent and participant thing about Disability Income.

I mean it was a huge waste of my time because I didn’t get what I was promised. I would have been better of going to the mall and shopping then be stuck in the program.

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