Wordle Challenge

Starting tomorrow (Feb. 1) try to solve the wordle and send me a picture of it solved in a private message.
This challenge ends on Valentine’s Day, and whoever has the most points wins.
How points work: The game gives you six tries to guess the correct 5-letter word. (Incorrect letters are grey, letters that are used but not in the correct spot are yellow, and letters in the correct spot are green - they give a visual the first time you go to the website.)
Solving in
6 tries = 1 point
5 tries = 2 points
4 tries = 3 points
3 tries = 4 points
2 tries = 5 points
1 try - 10 points
Here is the link:

I’ll try to post scores as fast as I can - remember, the games starts tomorrow (you can try for practice today, but it won’t get you points).


Only started playing a few weeks back. Best so far is 2, worst is 5.

Today, I learned about a Wordle archive…


Never heard of this before, did a practice round. Reminds me of mastermind.

How will this work? Will we all guess the same word? Is it possible to do more than 1 try/day to get better score? :thinking:

Edit: Doh, I’m silly. Read first, ask questions later :sweat_smile:

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Yep, as I think you’ve figured out, there are no second tries with the word. It is the same one for everyone, and there’s a new one every day. I also have played Mastermind and that’s what this reminded me of as well. :slight_smile:

Nice. Just to be sure, I sent a testmessage with todays answer.

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This is the scoring for the first Wordle. Everyone still has plenty of time to answer it.
Anyone else can still join and answer the first wordle of the challenge!

Day 1 Score:
Murdocku - 4 points
Keniko_Dukas - 3 points
Sillsallad - 3 points
Stephen - 2 points


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Submitted, although I just realised that today is the first of February, so does this mean the challenge starts today?

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Did my brain jogging exercise for today, too :slight_smile:

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This archive is addictive :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s talk strategy? Do you always start with the same words?

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I dont know what the word means (will google it later) but was lucky with my letters.

I agree that this is the first of february, so if you remove yesterdays scores, would be fair for those thinking it started today.

I do. Have a first word, and depending on how useful that was, a second one. Though it might need some tweaks here and there.

OMG, I was so out of it!
Now that I have time to google the word, before I start typing, I think: Why didn’t I see that?? So focussed on a certain combination of letters, that those confused my mind and made it not sound like a word I know.

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About a week ago, I had SU_ _ _ R. It took WAAAAAAAY to long before I got the word!

I really need to stop doing it within half an hour of waking up…

When I posted this challenge, I was under the assumption that Monday (yesterday) was the 1st. Since people have already submitted, those answers still count, and anyone is welcome to join now. If anyone joins who didn’t make it yesterday, they can answer Feb. 15th wordle to have a fair chance, and scores will be posted then.


I do, and if that word gets no letters, I have a word I always use for guess two.

Day 2 score:
@RebeccaBlue - 4 points
@Stephen - 3 points
@Sillsallad - 3 points
@Murdocku - 3 points
@Keniko_Dukas - 3 points
@BellaDiva - 3 points
@Katrin - 3 points

Nice. Let’s share those words after the game is over!

Which reminds me I need to finish another game as well!

Total score for Day 2:
@Murdocku - 7 points
@Sillsallad - 6 points
@Keniko_Dukas - 6 points
@Stephen - 5 points

(Started today and will also get the 15th)
@RebeccaBlue - 4 points
@BellaDiva - 3 points
@Katrin - 3 points

Not participating, but putting it here as it’s Wordle-related (although probably will not have much of an impact before this challenge concludes).

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