Woman doesn’t get the point of social distancing

So sometime in the past year or so of insanity I went to get some kind of test done at the hospital. Of course, because of social distancing there were only so many chairs in the waiting room and the rest had papers on them. So I took a seat and a lady came in after me. She looks around, sees there are no chairs and decided to sit on the TABLE next to MY CHAIR.

I couldn’t believe it. Fortunately she was called to register quickly but I couldn’t believe it.

I’m trying to post pictures but it won’t let me. I’ll keep trying.

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Early in 2020 when we were all super scared and we didn’t know if it spread via surfaces, outdoors/indoors and so on, there were some people outside the train station trying to hand out pamphlets.

I pass the station on the way to the store and I remember them coming closer to me and being utterly shocked just like you were, like didn’t you hear there was a pandemic?? I blurted something like “SOCIAL DISTANCE” and ran away.

Seems like some people have only heard part of the instructions for this thing!