WIU for telling my coworker he should take another car?

So there are two pieces of information relevant for this situation

One I have a coworker (coworker 1) who is visibly physically disbaled. I do not know exactly what his disabilities are or specifics. It doesnt effect his work and its not my business. But he has difficulty walking and cant do so for long periods and stairs or any kind of elevation change is something he struggles with.

Two, while my job is tech based I do side work in carpentry and live in an area prone to flooding so I have a rather large rather tall vehicle. Not a big monster truck but still it is a significant step up to get into it.

Well yesterday we were going out to lunch as a larger group because it was a different coworkers birthday. We were trying to figure out the best way to divide people between cars to minimize how many vehicles we had to take. It was decided we would take my vehicle and one other non lifted minivan since they were the two biggest.

People just kinda randomly split into two groups, one for each vehicle. Coworker 1 happened to be in my group and as we started to walk toward the car it occured to me he would have some difficulty getting into and out of my vehicle. So as we were walking I said “Hey, I have a lifted vehicle you might want to ride in the other car if thats easier” he said “okay” switched groups and we had lunch and everything seemed fine.

Today I got pulled aside by a different coworker (coworker 2) who had apparently overheard my comment to coworker 1 and was convinced it was incredibly rude and potentially abelist to make that comment to him. Now coworker 1 has said nothing to me and to the best of my knowledge has no involvement with coworker 2 and her complaints. Coworker 2 however has been acting like i did something heinous.

Was I Unreasonable to mention my vehicle/reccomment my coworker take the more accessible vehicle?

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The phrasing doesn’t sound unreasonable. My guess would be that Coworker 2 is of the mindset that you’re not allowed to remind people that they’re disabled/can’t do certain things due to disability.


You weren’t unreasonable. As someone who sometimes has trouble getting into my husband’s 3.5” lifted truck I would have appreciated the heads up myself.


Not unreasonable. Those tall trucks can be tricky to get into even without mobility issues - I’ve seen some that could legit use a ladder.

Not unreasonable. I’ve driven a relative with post-polio syndrome on several occasions, and even my standard sedan can be tricky for her to get in and out of sometimes.

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