WIU for being annoyed?

So here’s the situation. My friends and I get together for New Year’s Eve to do our gift exchange and have fun. We haven’t done it in person since 2019 because of COVID and we didn’t get together last year though we would have because my parents had Covid and their gifts were there. So I was really looking forward to it.

Anyways when everyone got her moms house we went to get food and then did our gift exchange. Then we sat around and talked. Usually we play games. We finally watched the ball drop and went to bed.

The next day we watched the Eagles lose. Then we ended up watching another football game which had nothing to do with our team. We were all sitting around on our devices. I was so bored. I was like I could be staying at home and doing this. We finally turned on Youtube and played tried not to sing and what song is that? But I was so annoyed.

I told the girls I said I look forward to getting together with them because my husband and mil don’t play games so I only play them with my friends or with my parents.

So was I unreasonable?

I’m not sure I followed this completely, so a couple of questions.

  1. What does “everyone got her moms house” mean? Did you all go to one of your friends’ moms’ house?
  2. So, the evening of the 31st went fine but on the 1st, you all pretended to watch some football game but in reality, everyone just played around on their own device, so you were collectively doing something alone? Did I understand this correctly?
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Sorry it was supposed to say got to her moms house. We usually have it at my friends house but she’s getting divorced and they’re still living in the same house. So it would have been quite awkward.

As for the 1st we were kind of watching the game but since they lost we lost interest I guess. But yeah even the people who love football were on their devices. Actually I didn’t have to watch. lol I could tell how badly it was going based on the screaming in the room.

Obviously, since I wasn’t there, I’m just guessing here, but it sounds like maybe, aside from you, the group did not relish the get-together after all and did attend it out of familiarity, not a genuine desire to get together… or the activities of the 31st were enough for their need of companionship and the second day was too much.
In any case, I don’t think you are unreasonable to be annoyed if you were expecting a better time than how it turned out.

Did you at least get to enjoy some games with them?

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Well the thing is this is a normal thing for us. It’s when we do our Christmas gift exchange and it’s only due to Covid that we haven’t done it the last few years. We’ve all been friends for over 3 decades. We didn’t even do anything on the 31st but sit and talk.

As for games we did play some games on YouTube so it wasn’t a total waste. I guess this one was a bit harder too because of my aunt dying and I could have used the games for a bit of distraction you know?


What did people say when you suggested playing games instead of watching sports?

They really didn’t say much.