WIU for acting the way I did

Ok so this just happened yesterday. I got together with three friends this weekend. Our one friend has an apartment and she gets us pool passes each year in August for the weekend we get together. I told everyone I’d bring my quesadilla maker with me and that way we’d have an easy meal.

After swimming Sunny and I said we’d go to the store and pick up a few things. I said while we were gone that the other two could maybe shred the chicken Well sunny and I were taking bets when we were on our way home from the store if they’d done it. They hadn’t.

So I was a bit upset. I was tired, my back was sore and we just dealt with a lot of people at the store. Anyway so I went out into the kitchen and started shredding the one rotisserie chicken. We got another because we weren’t sure if it would be enough. Heidi came out and worked on the other one.

But this may be where I’m a bit unreasonable. Heidi said (she’s the one who lives in the apartment) I’ll make mine first. I said,
“No, I’m making mine first.” She’s like excuse you? But I said I’m the one who knows how this works. But what I really meant was I was the one, along with Sunny, who went and picked everything up and I was the one who started shredding the chicken until she came out because I have a feeling they knew I was upset. I also wanted to show them how it worked.



I don’t think you were being unreasonable. You asked the others to get the food prepped so you could all eat in a reasonable amount of time and they waited until you had done it all? Nope, you get to eat first.

Note, I’m also starting to feel a bit hangry as I write this, so I might be biased.


Thank you. I think I shocked everyone because I’m usually very passive. But I was not happy.


Not at all. You asked for one simple thing to be done, which wasn’t.


IME people get unreasonably annoyed if someone who normally just rolls with the punches actually sticks up for themselves for a change.

It’s like you have a role as ‘the quiet one’ and people punish you for stepping outside that role.

Your actions were absolutely reasonable. Your friends are just cross that you actually called them on taking advantage of you. To be fair to them they probably don’t realise that they were, because they’re used to you not saying anything.


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