Wish I could be my own Personal Funding Manager to get the Reimbursement form in

I know, I know an old story again.

But one again my parents are bacon procrastinating with the reimbursement STILL. And yet Mom keeps saying “any day now she will do it” but yet she still hasn’t done it. And I’m getting more and more anxious that she wouldn’t do it until March and with everyone going to try to be sending their forms then. It just it should have been done like WAAY back in Nov. I’m getting to the bacon point I want to be my own bacon Persona Funding Manager to get the form in already. Dad said its (the money)not going back to me, but it’s MY bank account attached to the (funding program), not Dad’s, not Mom’s, I’m the one who is the recipient of the (funding program) not Dad, not Mom.

Like they got feed up about me complaining at supper tonight… that they both walked back into the family room with their suppers. Either a)_They get it done, by tomorrow night or b)we call/inform (funding program) and tell them to change the PFM to me, so I can get the dam thing send in already. Mom said the more I push her the more she doesn’t want to do it. Well maybe if she had done it back in Nov, we wouldn’t be having this problem now, but no, one excuse after another for an entire bacon month.

Yeah the account is set up but Mom has to fill in the stupid form and then send it back. But if they could just get the bacon job done, I would shut bacon up but the problem is they HAVEN’T gotten the job done.

And these people want to teach me the value of a dollar and yet they can’t even get their taxes information ready on time as I see every year because of Dad throwing the tax information all over the mostly non-used couch, nethermind this?

PS. I have no contact information for the (funding lady) only Mom does.

The only thing I might need help with if I was doing it MYSELF would be scanning the receipt (and whom knows where Dad has thrown in it)-, into the computer but other then that, it looks SO easily to fill the form out once you down load it!

Now ever since Nov, I been telling my parents to fill out and send the dam reimbursement form in by March. It’s like little over a month before March hits and I’m getting really stressed about it and yet, I cant be “really pushy” until the end of this freaking month. I mean the people who work on the reimbursement claims the “claim year” ends in MARCH it’s almost the end of JANUARY

This is how it SHOULD go:

Dad-buy the computer for me (he’s allowed to do that)->Mom-fills out and sends in the form->sends it back to the workers->30 days or less Money goes into MY account and then-> I can FINALLY reimbursed Dad for the bloody computer four months after we got the dam computer!

Even though from the start (when we’re waiting for this bacon funding in the we could have gotten a gaming computer at any point in the summer and early fall and I could have reimbursed Dad, 500x faster by him just electronically transferring my money into his to “pay him back”) and since the FORM is ONLINE how much more easier could it be?

It just if I was my own bacon Funding Manager, I would have done it ASAP but NO every single Bacon month, the parents find one excuse after a bacon other to NOT do it, and last time I mentioned it (like at the beginning of the month) my Mom said the “more I push, the more she doesn’t want to do it!” But she’s not doing it regardless of weather or not I’m pushing her. I would KNOW if she has because she has a note upstairs in the main bathroom of “Stuff she needs to do” and the only two things which aren’t crossed out is (“call church organist”) and “reimbursement claim”

Like I have asked “Are you still doing the claim?” And Mom says she will “Do it that night” and when a couple of days later, I ask again because I KNOW she didn’t do it.

I can technically do it on my own, the only thing I don’t know what to do is scanning the receipt into the computer and that’s is if we even still have it, with all the receipts Dad has around the house from weekly grocery shopping (I think that’s another reason why i’m being super pushy about the parents getting this form in because eventually if we wait too long, it will get lost) but everything else I think would be very easy to do.

IT just this is stressing me out and I’m not the one who has to fill the dam form out but it’s been three months since we got this computer and Mom still hasn’t done anything but she keeps claiming “she will do it that night” and then NEVER DOES! Technically, yes they can still send it in in March, but when 3,000+ people are also going to be sending other claims in in March as well, depending where we’re in the pile, we might not be seeing the money until July or August, or SEPT because of my parents’ procrastination?

Even if I COULD do it, my parents wouldn’t LET me do it because knowing them, they will think I “will just screw it up somehow”. That’s what Mom thought the ONE time, I tried to make a phone call to get a doctor’s appointment due to some problems I was having at the time.

What is concerning for me, that when I’m stressing out I’m literally am crying because I know Mom still hasn’t done it (and I’m even getting a cold sore, or a sore nose from my being upset). And I have to basically try to be what I guess, TV tropes call a “Stepford Smiler” and act like everything’s fine to hide my visible upset of my parents’ procrastination for three bacon months to get this form form in.

And they also know I’m a rule-follower, so how come they aren’t following the instructions to get the form in ASAP so we aren’t waiting for more then 30days to get the remburisement back? Technically we should have filled out the form in NOV

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