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As a web developer and admin myself, I understand the necessity of responsive layouts, especially for mobile users… but as a web user who browses on Windows and Linux computers, mostly, the responsive layout drives me crazy.

Could we have an option for PC users to be able to have the forum take up 100% of the browser width?

Thank you.


I don’t think there’s an option we can just check for this, as we’re using the default Discourse theme. And we would probably have to consider the readability with post width at 100%.

Thoughts @DimSumEggRoll?


As @wesley mentioned, we are using the default theme by Discourse. We picked Discourse not because it’s perfect, but because we felt it provided a solid “out of the box” experience for most people. (We are a small team after all.)
Depending on the issue, we’re usually okay with modifying simpler CSS code, for example (in other cases, more like overriding). Eg. Modifying texts/links/buttons, etc.
Unless it’s a clear widespread problem, we currently don’t try to mess with the default theme/layout.
Specific to your request though, I would presume modifying Discourse’s responsive code would entail more than just simply adjusting the layout to take up 100% of the browser width, like readability as @wesley mentioned, and other things we then have to re-consider. (As a dev, I would also presume you can relate :grimacing: )

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Truth be told, I haven’t a clue. I have never used Discourse before, so I’m not sure whats hiding in the admin control panel.

I’m most experienced with SMF (Simple Machines Forum), and there is a setting in the theme part of the control panel on that forum for width.

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I only meant that changing responsive layout to 100% would affect other things like readability, for example, and so forth. (Domino effect?)

For example, here’s what topics could look like on desktop with 100% width. Reading that would not be optimal for most people, let alone on something like a 4k screen.

Not really a solution but an alternative; You could force mobile view on your desktop by adding this to the end of the url:

This’ll give you a “wider width” feel on desktop in terms of reading content. You can switch back to Desktop View through the main menu if you end up not liking it.

You may also adjust text sizes in your profile’s preferences (interface tab).

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That does look kinda weird without the usual forum user info sidebar, admittedly.

Maybe this is just something I need to try to get used to. Thanks though :slight_smile:

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