WIBU for being upset about group “line jumping”

Ok so this happened 4 to 5 years ago or more. It’s been a while. My aunt and I went to the Philadelphia zoo. I’d never been up in the zoo balloon before and we planned to do it before we left. It was in September and it was pretty hot outside. But it was also windy so they couldn’t let too many people up in the ballon. As they normally did due to safety concerns.

My aunt was getting hot and she was in in her mid 70s at this point. But she said she wanted to stay in line. I look Ed at the line and I figured we had two more groups and then we’d be let on. But what I didn’t know was there was a placeholder in the line and they had a whole group of their own standing off to the side. Generally each ride took around 7 to 10 minutes. Time to get up and down and then time at the apex of the ride.

Now this group looked like a healthy group of 2a and 30: or younger without any problems. Now I know better than anyone that looks can be deceiving. I have health issues as does my aunt. She’s a two time cancer survivor and she’s in her 70s. I

My aunt had heat exhaustion in line and it’s actually good that the group was there because otherwise it might have happened while on the ride. Then again it may not have either.

I just am reminded of this every time I see a story of someone holding a place in line at the grocery store and then someone coming up with an overflowing cart or two.

My aunt was fine. They got her water and cooled her down. She even told me to go on the ride which I did but of course I couldn’t enjoy it because I was worried about her.

Bur was I unreasonable for being upset?

No I don’t think you’re being unreasonable for being upset. Since it’s not right for you not to know there was a group waiting for their turn “off to the side”.

Actually I finished watching a video about Disneys now extinct Fast Pass system which is basically something simliar

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Me, I think what they did was misleading but not wrong; I think your group would have been within reason to leave one or two people holding your place in line and take your aunt to the side, too, if that meant she could sit or have shade or otherwise be more comfortable.

I think of a grocery line as a little different, because in that case there are multiple lines and people usually select the line that looks like it’ll get them out of there soonest. Also, if someone’s not actually done shopping yet it seems less fair to have someone queue up for them before they’re ready.

But in either case, it’d be more fair for the placeholder to warn people getting in line after them, as much as that’s feasible (less doable for long lines past the next few behind them).

May I just say how cool it is that a zoo offers balloon rides? I hope your group and your aunt all got to ride after all that!

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It actually is a line of people and they take I believe 7 on at a time. My aunt and I were the only two together. It’s a moot pointy of course but yeah it just left a bad taste in my mouth. It also ended up being the last time we went to the zoo together because of her declining health and then of course covid. She’s wheelchair bound now.

I’m sorry. :frowning:

Thank you. Btw I’m also a bibliovore. .

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I would not call you unreasonable, of course you were worried about your aunt’s health. But my general stance on “placeholder people” is that it’s not outright bad if the rest of group arriving will not increase the total queuing time for others compared to if only the placeholders were in line.
So, for example, in this case, where 7 people can go up at once, while annoying, I think it’s fine if 1 designated person holds the place for 6 others, as it doesn’t matter if that group consists of 1 or 7 people. However, it is bad if they hold it for 8-9 others, as they will not fit into one group, so, effectively, everyone else would need to wait 2 groups’ time.