Why paper straws are bad for slushee-like drinks

I went to a mall two towns over from me with two friends and the one friend’s son’s friends (I been with them before, but until today I didn’t know the friend’s son’s friends’ names).

While at two different times in either two weeks or something-that the one friend (the mom of the son) fall and hurt herself twice on both her hands. So I kind of helped her a bit.

But after we went to two stores that one friend wanted to go in-the friend and I went to Tim Hortons’ in the food court and I brought an Iced Capp. But after we got our drinks and I started drinking halfway through my ICED Capp I realize the paper straw I had, there’s just a tiny problem-the problem is the fact is that w/ the paper straw the frozen slush of the drink can get stuck in the straw making it difficult for one to drink

So I wrote a message to them after I got home suggesting that the end of the straws for Ice Capps need a scoop so that people are able to finish the drink. Or at least give us a spoon to finish the drink

I hate paper straws. Literally everything about them is bad. The texture is bad and the texture when wet is even worse.


Why someone decided to make a straw out of a substance that gets soggy when it’s wet is beyond me. Would a scoop on a paper straw even be able to hold the weight of a large ice chunk after it’s been sitting in a drink for a while? I’d much rather use my metal straws.


they (restaurants) are trying to “be helpful for the environment” then the plastic straws which are now being phased out. Some people can’t use metal straws I hear as well.

so either the chain needs to invest into slushee-like straw scoops. Or they need to give you spoons for one’s iced drink

In the EU it’s not even trying to be helpful. Since this year, throwaway products like straws, cups, plates, the sticks you clean your ears with, are not allowed to be plastic anymore. . . Unfortunately, especially for straws, there are no cheap GOOD alternatives for restaurants.


I’ve seen biodegradable plastic utensils, but unfortunately they’re not cheap.

They could probably do better with bamboo or wheat fiber, both of which are fairly cheap.