Why is my Facebook video feed giving me "classic" TV shows?

Last month I had (but didn’t watch a lot) of the Brady Bunch classic TV shows. And now as of 3 days ago… its now is Bewitched. Why in the world is my Facebook video feed giving me these things?

Perhaps because you’ve been discussing Classic movies on this forum?

no the Brady Bunch was before I mentioned Classic movies on the site

No idea then. Have you been looking things up maybe?

I might have looked up Brady Bunch and Bewitched (can’t remember) do to WandaVison? Because the 2nd episode of WandaVison had a style like that of Bewitched (or so I heard) well the 3rd episode of WandaVison paid tribute to Brady Bunch. But I watched it like back in the summer and yet the videos are only appearing months later?

werid… I’m watching a Bewitch video on my Facebook feed and when Darrin’s schoolmate (they aren’t friends, and the other guy was younger by him)'s wife asked if Darrin remembered her and Darrin said “no”. I suspected that the schoolmate’s wife is actually a witch because it smells a lot like what Harvey (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch) would have to go through before Harvey learned for good that the Spellmans were witches in the 1990s-2003 sitcom.

and I’m guessing I’m right

lol… on the TV tropes… one of the things I mentioned ages ago (9 can become a 6) litereally happens in Bewitched! That apparently a work man thought that the Stephens’ house (which is 192) is 162 and puts AstroTurf on the lawn outside. Turns out that the 9 in 192 turned upside down.

I guess next time anyone makes fun of my 6 is 9 (or vice versa) I can link to them to this TV tropes page: 6 Is 9 - TV Tropes

Facebook tracks you all over the internet. I discuss and share anti-car media on Reddit and Twitter, so now I’m getting anti-car and pro-bike posts on Facebook.

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