Why in the world did I think that only Sims had DLCs?

As people know I play the Sims series. Before the sims my only games on the computer was the Nancy Drew franchise, or two sort of semi-board game related games (Clue/Cludeo or Game of Life). Until Recently, I thought that the Sims Franchise was the only Franchise which had integrated DLCs

Ever since learning of Paralives I had been checking out Steam Games, and I discovered I was quite mistaken about the fact that Sims franchise being the only game franchise that had DLCs. Like King Crusader’s franchise or Sid Meier Civilization series?

Now I’m wondering why in the world, did I ever think that Sims was the only video game with DLCs? Maybe I was just very naïve with video games outside of FB and Sims?

It’s a bit surprising. Paradox (the Crusader Kings publisher) is about as notorious for DLC as EA is.

But I guess Paradox games don’t have the same sort of modding community that The Sims does. There are certainly mods, but really not the same sort of culture about changing the game, which is kinda unique to The Sims. And mods are something that really makes you think about exactly what content you have in the game, because if you don’t then the mod probably breaks the game.

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Thanks for reminding me

I really should have explained what I meant by DLCs. What I meant about DLC is not about Mods or CC. (if I had meant them, I would have actually said “I didn’t know that other franchises video games had Mods or CC”) What I actually was talking about by DLCs is about the only other world I can call is “expansions” packs.

I didn’t know until around July or August that Sims Frenchise is not the only Franchise that has Expansion packs. Until recentlty I thought that sims was only one which had Expansion packs but CK series and Sid Mider’s Civilization also has Expansion Packs. As does Planet Zoo or it’s sister series “Planet Coaster”

If you’d read what I said, I was saying that the modding community of The Sims highlights the fact that there are DLC - Expansion Packs and so on. Not that mods are DLC.

Sorry I misread you and sorry I was rude to you because of my misreading

Age of empires already had expansion packs. I don’t know if that was the first, but it’s an old game, so it started a long time ago. A lot of games actually do. But hey, everybody is one of todays 10.000 once :grinning: :+1:


I’m still hoping you will… :wink:

Downloadable Content


I hate DLCs. I spend £50+ a game these days and half of it is locked off! I wait for “Game of the Year” and similar editions which include the DLC.


I usually do that too. There are some really awesome DLCs out there though, like The Shivering Iles to TES Oblivion

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DLCs should be a bonus to a complete game, not an essential additional purchase of you want to enjoy it. I’m okay if it’s priced properly, but too often it isn’t. Thankfully most the games I like to play just have cosmetic dlc that I can happily ignore.

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like @Sillsallad said it means Downlodable Content. Basically like Expansion Packs Like Sims series has Pets (in Sims 2-3 , the only pets in Sims 4 Pet EP is only Cats and Dogs you have to buy another kind of pack to get smaller animals), from Sims 2 onward you can get Seasons EP, or a going to University EP (since Sims 2)

With other games (like KC franchise) you can have KCIII “Royal Court” or “Northern Lords” DLC/expansions. Ot with Planet Zoo you can “own” or “make” a Zoo and with DLCs you can have different countries to deal everything from a Artic pack to a South American pack (the only thing missing is an East Asian pack… I mean no pandas? But there is a South East Asia). It’s Sister Series “Planet Coaster” you can have anything from Vintage style theme park to a super spooky theme park with DLCs (And apparently, a new DLC for Planet Coaster apparently is a movie themed ((ie: the originally Ghostbusters with Dan Ackroyd)) )

I’m supporting a game (not finically but otherwise) in development called Paralives its going to have (Seasons, and only three pets- Cats, Dogs and Horses) in the base game whenever it launches in the future. Now they have said they’re planning on having only a few (paid) DLCs but going to have a LOT of not paid DLCS in basically updates

Is it understandable now? @Stephen

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