Why I'm afraid of chickens

The nature camp from my story Slow And Steady Avoids The Wasps not only made me afraid of bees/wasps, but chickens too. I think it’s a bit anti-climactic to submit, so I figured I’d just post it here.

I went to that camp for a few summers so I’m not sure exactly how old I was when this happened, but definitely under 10. One part of the camp was a farm with chickens, pigs, donkeys, sheep, etc. We would visit and learn about the animals. So one day we went to the farm and for some reason the councelors decided to challenge everyone to get into the chicken coop. Whoever could catch the chicken would get some sort of prize I can’t remember but it was probably food. I watched the campers older and bigger than me get chased around the coop by the chicken. She was fast and angry. So when it was my turn I refused to go into the coop. They tried to pressure me but gave up after I ran away to the other side of the barn. I think the place was run by teenagers because looking back the counselors were really immature.


They’re probably smaller now. From your point of view.

I’m not a psychologist but maybe you could desensitise yourself by strolling past the supermarket poultry freezer - they won’t get you unless someone lets them out of there - and build up. Or, just stop at that. Pretty much my favourites are those ones.