Why censor "covid" in stories ?


I’m an avid reader of NAR, but since 2 years I have something that bug me : a lot of stories that have been posted mention the Covid-19 crisis, but everyone have been edited (or submitted directly) mentionning “the current health crisis” for example.
Some stories have a lot of circumvolutions to avoid telling this, and it’s making the story more difficult to read.
Why ? I get that “a certain US president during the 2020 health crisis” have employed discriminatory terms for naming the covid-19 disease, but it’ll probably not be the only lockdown or pandemic we are gonna experience, and in some years, when going back on old stories, maybe it will be confusing.

So why censoring covid crisis ?


Great question! Sorry for the delay, it’s been a crazy week!
We started censoring COVID because we found tons of SEO and performance issues related to it during the height of the pandemic. Most people probably won’t forget this anytime soon, and most of our stories are dated.


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