Whose at fault: unintentionally running over a senior's toes with a bundle buggy

don’t worry there’ll be pictures at the end !

In summer 2012 Dad and I had the house mostly to ourselves since Mom was either in June-July 1st in two Asian countries and the rest of the summer she was helping her sister help with their parents in another town. Now back in these days Mom and I would go to Centreville Amusement park on Toronto Island,

Now there’s was back and forth of whom was going to take me (it was in the days before I had a bank card because I’m pretty sure I didn’t get one until 2015) due to Mom’s helping the grandparents.

Mom came home on Wednesday, maybe Thursday saying she could take me, and then on Saturday it was back to Dad again since Mom was leaving the next day to go back to the grandparents’ town.

Well the one good thing is I got to be responsible for the bundle buggy since Dad is kind of like a real half-giant so him trying to control it wasn’t a good idea to for him to control it.

Anyway after a day at Centreville and having a “bad service” at Red Lobster restaurant-we went back to the Train station. A train was there going back home and Dad rushed us up-now the train platform and right infront of where Dad and I needed to go (the raised part of the platform) there were three seniors -2 women and a man-standing and talking right infront of where we (Dad and I) needed to go and there was no room to go around,

We could only go through them and Dad thinks I might have ran over the toes of one of the women, but part of the problem is Dad was also pulling my arm off rushing us (and he had us rushed us through several traffic lights to get from the docks to the Red Lobster area)…

Centrevile rides:

bundle buggy
Bundle buggy

Go Train go Train|690x460

raised area (not good picture)

wheelchair platform

So whose do you think is at fault:

  • Dad
  • Seniors
  • Me

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Your dad was pulling you, so you weren’t in control, he was.

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Yeah he was pulling my arm, which was one of two arms which was trying to control the bundle buggy. I thought that was bad, it was bad that Dad also pulled me through several traffic lights between the ferry docks and Red Lobster mall without slowing down ONCE.

You might want to break up that one big paragraph into a few smaller ones?

fixed it

I’ve got one of those! But we don’t call it a “bundle buggy”, that’s just Canadian. Mine doesn’t really steer anyway, I mostly just urge it to turn in a circle and it does, slowly. But why did you take yours to Toronto Island…

Anyway, standing in the way that train passengers will be coming or going is inconsiderate - I suppose it can be a kind of protest - so I voted to blame the people who did that.

I meant by “steering it” I meant to say control it. Getting it onto the disabled platform, getting it onto the train/off the train, getting it into washrooms, getting it past curbs.

But we take the bundle buggy to the island because we would have 1 backpack which is filled with: snacks, water bottles, jackets, and books for the train ride home and maybe wallets in the bundle buggy.

At the various rides we will put the bundle buggy someplace nearby the ride and in normal times Mom would cris-cross the bungee cords through the layers of the bundle buggy and through the backpack itself and I did that job when Dad took me to Centreville

what I actually meant by “controlling/steering it” was being responsible for it in all aspects. Like getting it places,etc.

I mean there were some problems -like Dad’s comment on the island about my snack, and the “bad service” we got at Red Lobster. The same day

Maybe both you and your dad. You did have a choice of not running over the seniors, you could have politely said “excuse me, can we get thru here”.

um Jude did you actually read what I wrote? I literally didn’t have time to even ask that because Dad was racing me (ie: pulling my arm off) through the seniors who were standing in the middle of an already very narrow platform and Dad and I needed to get to the raised part of the platform because Dad couldn’t wait an hour for the next train going in our direction! I mean it was only at the latest 8pm and the last train didn’t leave until midnight!

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