Who's the bigger jerk? NAR or NAW?

Below you’ll find a story that came into our queue marked for Not Always Working. Personally, I’ll concede that the manager in the story is less than helpful and that it is absolutely unacceptable for your guests to be getting misdirected calls in the middle of the night. That being said… the author here might also be a tremendous jerk.

I feel for the employees at the competing hotels who will have to deal with the redirected guests who, for all they know, are just lying to get a discount. And I especially feel for the guests who will turn up to this hotel thinking their rooms are booked (particularly that party of twenty-five!) only to find out that this is very much not the case.

So, give it a read and tell me: should this story be filed under Not Always RIGHT or Not Always WORKING?

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Everyone is a jerk. The manager should have hired someone to fix it but OP is not just hurting the manager. It’s both.


I agree. It should be marked as both.


Classic case of ESH but it would have been more NAW as long as OP kept their replies to that singular hotel.


Wow, we need a ESH tag for stuff like this.

Imagine thinking you’ve booked something for 25 people, only to find out you don’t have a reservation when showing up. That will cause a lot of stress for a lot of people.


Yeah, the Manager could have done a bit more to get someone to fix the phone line, but the customer really doesn’t look very good here at all.

As for unplugging the phone line, if there was an emergency, then surely the contact would be able to call the Front Desk directly and have someone wake them up in person?

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Can you tag it with both NAW and NAR? It’s definitely NAW, but (as it has been pointed out by others) the OP’s revenge is going to badly impact on a lot of innocent people.

Normally I’d cut the OP some slack, as disturbed sleep and anger at the situation is going to stop people thinking clearly and also effect their actions. But that’s too way much.

One thing though, if you do mark it NAR, you might need to make it clearer in the story that it’s the OP that is causing it to be NAR, not the callers. Your title hints at this, but it might not be enough, and i can foresee a LOT of people moaning at how the callers aren’t to blame.

Maybe a title that hints at that Dark Knight quot:e

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

“When you mete out revenge long enough to see yourself become the villain”


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