Who's online?

I’ve seen this on a few forums (fora?) over the years, and wondered if it might be possible on here.

Is there likely to be a way to see which members are online at any one time? It would help to be able to know at a glance, especially for the games threads, who would be likely to respond ASAP, or if you’re going to have to wait ages for the next posting.

I know you can click on people’s names and see when they last posted, but I’m thinking in real time.

Sorry if this makes no sense whatsoever!

By default if this comes through, I would like to permanently appear offline.


Thanks for the suggestion - we’ll look into that and let you know if that’s possible now, or down the road. :slight_smile:

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Me too!


I usually have NAR open in the background, but I have many other windows to look at so I might as well be offline.


It probably won’t surprise anyone to know that my phone and tab browsers both have NAR and Forum tabs open at all times. If you are going to introduce it, you might want to consider going by time since last post.


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