Who's going back to the movie theaters?

I went to the movies to see “Free Guy.” It was really good, and as a videogame geek I really enjoyed it! It was strange to see a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster on the big screen again after so long, and even more strange to still see so many empty seats for what in the “before times” would have been a packed theater.

Lately I have been lucky enough to enjoy a lot of big movies on streaming as they’ve skipped theatrical releases, and as I have a nice TV and comfy couch I’ve been perfectly fine with that (I happen to think that people who disturb the movie in a movie theater deserve a special level of Hell) - but I have to admit I have missed the atmosphere of the big screen.

Have any of you gone back to the theaters yet, or are you still relying on streaming?

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I was streaming before it was main-streaming. :grin: In all seriousness, heading to the cinema was never a wonderful experience for me. Planning the trip. Deciding on the company. Transport (don’t drive). Price for the ticket and concessions. Arguing about the choice of film. And so on…

If you waited a year (now about 6 months) the film would be on DVD and for less than the price of the ticket. You can pause at any point, recap moments at will and eat/drink what you like. Then pause if you need a refill.


I’m not.   But then, I never went to the movies in the first place.   I watch, on average, one movie per year, or fewer.

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I’ve been to a movie a couple weeks back, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
The rules changed once again here and from now no I’ll need a vaccination passport to go out. Which wouldn’t be an issue if I hadn’t lost the phone whose number was attached to the government digital ID (I need to request the vax-proof). As usual bureacratic shenanigans ensued.

I’m most likely a weirdo.

I don’t really watch any new movies.

I also have an allergy to the smell of popcorn, makes it rather difficult to go to theatres.

I haven’t yet but that’s only because there’s no movies in the theatres right now that I’m interested in seeing but I will at some point. I’m so sick of all of this covid crap! >:(