Who here has had a time where they were glad to see a bad co-worker get fired?

First off, I wish to apologize in advance if I sound racist at all. What you’re about to hear is not intended to bigoted or racist in any way, it’s just the way it happened.

A long time ago, we had a new manager take over at our store who had previously worked at another one. Almost immediately, she started hiring a lot of minority teenagers, which I heard may have been an attempt to give the store a diverse image, but I can’t be sure.

A lot of these kids (I know they were teenagers, but they were under eighteen and they acted rather immature) were notorious for not actually doing their job well. Instead, they would often gossip in their native tongues and sometimes talk badly about the manager behind her back, while paying little attention to their customers and causing lines to back up to the center of the store.

Some of them wound up being fired for some reason or other, at least one of whom was caught stealing and their parents had to come in.

We had one kid (who we’ll call Paul) who, in the past, would come in and try to talk with us like we were buddies. The thing is, he would always get my name wrong and then pretend that he forgot what it was until I reminded him. It happened several times and it was quite annoying.

Unfortunately, Paul ended up getting hired. He was a total slacker who was always goofing off and trying to ‘act cool.’ All he did was come off as quite annoying.

Paul also liked to mess around with other workers. At least once I was vacuuming the store when the plug came unplugged. I went to plug it back in when my vacuum started up again. I knew it was him because he was the only one up there, but he denied it.

In another case, a co-worker of mine was straightening up a shelf with shampoos on it. Paul was on the other side in another aisle, when he reached over and shoved the bottles over. When she confronted him about it, he openly denied it. I saw it, I knew it happened.

Also, when people ordered out, Paul would try to bum free food off of them. I learned that he did it to other people as well. Not to mention, when I told one of my supervisors about how I felt about him, he told me the manager was itching for a reason to fire him. And let me tell you, my manager was very strict, so the fact he hadn’t been fired by now showed she was being very lenient.

What ended up happening was an incident that I wasn’t there for but was relayed to me by my co-workers. There was a girl who had special needs who had come into the store and ended up spilling something by accident. Paul had always been known for mouthing off, but apparently he said something to the girl that ended up making her cry. The manager immediately found out and told Paul to be in the following Monday for a meeting regarding his employment (as this was during the weekend.)

When Monday came around, he never showed up (unsurprisingly) so he was apparently let go. There was a lot of rejoicing amongst us.


Sounds like at the very end Paul was smart enough to know what was about to go down and did everyone a favour by not turning up!


I used to work in a cinema/movie theater and there was one member of staff who never cleaned the screens between showings, she’d just take a glance and go “yeah it’s cool” and let other customers step over the previous showings’ popcorn (also why do people put popcorn everywhere except their mouth?!). Sometimes if there was a big mess she’d just sweep it under the seat and hope no one saw.

She was finally let go when she discovered vomit and decided to leave it where it was and just spray some febreeze. She was let go based on all the customer complaints we got that day.


When I worked at Cracker Barrel, there was a wide selection of useless or annoying people, but it was incredibly hard to get fired from that store because we were always short handed and overworked.
BUT The one time that I did see someone get fired, let me tell you it was a trip:

So there’s this guy John.
John was one of those twenty-somethings that never grew out of their “thirteen year old’s idea of a cool popular guy” phase. (And probably also had a napoleon complex that made him more aggro.)
John hated to do real work. And probably also hated me, tbh, because I was the defacto dishwasher lead and helped run the shift and make sure everything ran smoothly. (Which included training, correcting and telling people to get in certain positions.)
It was a busy Mother’s Day when we were all running on all cylinders, every position filled and busy, even the managers were hopping on the cooking line and running dishes around the kitchen. John, as usual, kept disappearing off and on, but none of the rest of us could be bothered doing more than snapping at him to get this or that and we just put him on the window (putting dishes and pans where they go to replenish the cooks utensils.) where he could be useless somewhere else out of the way, since the rest of us working was much more put together and could make short work of actually cleaning the dishes.
Now John was getting impatient because it was nearing the end of his shift, so I guess he pestered a few managers about leaving, but they told him to clear the window that was overflowing with dishes and to wait until two dishwashers finished taking out the trash.
John stormed off.
The window was soon overrun with dishes (again) and the line was empty of dishes (again) so me and the actual shift leader jumped on that to quickly replenish everything. We complained back and forth about how we had both been chasing John around all day to get any kind of work done. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw him: sneaking around the server area and grabbing a drink and darting away from the dishroom.

Now, I can have quite a loud voice if I’m not careful about it, which catches most people off guard because I’m pretty reserved. But I also did JROTC and honed a nice, crisp drill sergeant voice.
So, having enough of this nonsense I shouted over the noise of the kitchen: JOHN. The dude jumped like a mile.
He stormed back over and I told him in a more normal voice to help the shift lead clear the window.
He clearly didn’t like not having the last word and he snapped: “I don’t like being yelled at!”
I fired back out of reflex: “Then do your job!”
He stormed off, theoretically putting things away.
The shift lead said something to him, which apparently made him mad. So he decided to body check the shift lead.
In clear view of the cook’s line.
Which the General Manager was on.
He was asked not to come back.

And after John stormed off, the dishwashers came back from taking the trash out. Which means that if John did literally anything different in the two minutes he was at the dishroom window, he probably wouldn’t have been fired.

More fun things:
The next day, I and one of the managers I work with often were on the evening shift, and she disclosed to me that John was scheduled to work, so if he came in, I needed to direct him to her so she could tell him that he was indeed fired.
His clock-in time came and went without anything happening, so we just shrugged and went on with our lives.
The guy comes in an hour later, asking why he can’t clock in.
The little old lady manager said: “Because you were fired! And even if you weren’t you’re an hour late!”

Some of the line cooks were snickering about “Then do your job” for the next couple days.


lol I might have had too much fun writing up that story. I like to tell it, but I didn’t mean for it to be so long.


That was a good firing, and a good story.


This is really long, lol. Apparently I’ve been dying to rant about this.

When I worked security in my early 20s, I got placed at a top secret site. The guards there were all long-timers, since it was a higher pay level due to the security clearance requirement.

The site had two sections, and after I had been there a couple years I got transferred to the second one around the corner. I joined my new shift and met my shift supervisor and the other patrol guard.

Now, before I get into the other patroller’s behaviour, I gotta point out, we were on a 12 hour rotating shift. We worked 12 hours a day, for a total of 7 days in a 14 day period, and then switched day/night. So two weeks of days, then two weeks of nights, over and over. It’s stressful and sometimes your shift are the only people you talk to for days at a time on nights.

Enter Donny*. Donny had been working at that site for probably 6 years at that point. He was a white guy in his early 40s.

Donny was a bigot. If you could find a difference between two people, Donny hated one of the options. He would go on hours-long rants about “foreigners stealing jobs” or “effing [language-speaking] people” etc etc etc. Oddly enough, it was always said matter-of-factly, not with rage. He’d spout racist nonsense with people of that race in the room, or sexist BS in front of women, but not directed specifically at them. He created a toxic pall of negative energy around him, and no-one could get him to shut up. And because the company was all old-guard type of people, he got ignored instead of called out.

For instance: one Christmas Eve, we’re on night shift, my shift supervisor, a sweet lady who happens to be [language speaker] and a lesbian, me (young woman, not ex-military, also speaks [language]) are sitting together before our shift starts and she says “Monday, I can’t take Donny’s rants tonight, not tonight of all nights.” and I said “Me either, I’m not spending Christmas Eve listening to his BS”

Donny comes in, we’re sitting watching the TV waiting for our patrol time to start and Donny says “I can’t believe our company is hiring so many [racial slur] [lgbt slur] [language-speaker] women who’ve never been in the military, it’s -“

Shift supervisor and I both yell “Donny!” I stop and let her continue since she’s our boss, and she says “No, no, I am not sitting here all night listening to you talk like that. If you can’t talk about the weather, or sports, I don’t want to hear it. Ok?”
Donny was stunned, and he didn’t say a single word for the rest of the night that wasn’t about work. It was glorious.

I had to work with Donny for two years, until one day he was telling a racist joke to an employee (probably against their will, because Donny) and the CEO was walking down the hall behind him. CEO was pissed, he went to our big boss and said “I want that guy gone, yesterday.” Then when he saw Donny the next day because the company was trying to find him a new site the CEO said “When I said gone, I meant gone. His access to the site is revoked, he’s not allowed here ever again.”

After that, it was a lot more peaceful on our shift.

*His real name bc eff that guy


There’s something strangely hilarious about the line “He stormed off, theoretically putting things away.”


At the job I recently left after 2 years there was a writer who always got away with stuff. I did a brief stint as an editor and she was always turning stuff in late. In addition, due to the odd hours she’d take stuff from the queue and the fact that her articles had different writing styles it was suspected that she was farming work out to other people which was a big no no. Unfortunately there was no way to prove it.

In the past 6 months or so of my working there the supervisor of the writers decided to have a three strike policy. When you turned something in late without asking for an extension (which they were very lenient about) you got a strike. 3 strikes and she was out. And nothing of value was lost.


On the flipside as a NAR editor I can always tell when a submitted story comes in from a frequent contributor thanks to their writing style, so I can attest that the reverse is also true.


I’m curious… the comment section pretty much all knew this one was mine long before I confirmed it:

Did the NAR team guess too?

No but I thought this one was yours:


I wish… the manager’s word skill in that was lext level AMAZING

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Not an entertaining story but it still brings me joy none the less. I had a coworker for like 5 months. He was unless, hardly showed up, was rude to everyone, made threats, and was a generally unpleasant to be around. I personally reported him after he blew cigarette smoke in my face. He didn’t get fired for his bad behavior at work. He got fired for getting arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon.


I had one as a supervisor. I was a Sergeant in my LE field, and one of my officers was about as useful as a soup sandwich. He was young and ridiculous. He thought he was God’s gift to our field. Now let me preface this by saying as a supervisor I would bend over backwards to help people IF they came to me and communicated. I found out very quickly that this kid was beyond any help. He had intermittent FMLA which in my state / country etc is a big deal. They are almost untouchable… Almost. This kid pissed me off so bad that I went out of my way to hem him up. At first it was small, he would use his leave to take days off for his “medical issue” ok that’s fine. I get it. However, I very rapidly saw a pattern. His “issue” seemed to flair up only on weekends. (Friday or Monday) so he would constantly have three day weekends. Then I’d see him on social media posting club pics with lovely captions like “Bottles and hoes” “#PoppinBottles” Yea he was that guy. Now granted thanks to HIPPA we never knew / know what “issues” they are having but I can’t for the life of me think of one single issue that would specifically flair up on a Friday morning and be ok by club time. (I’ve googled and Web MD gives no specific cause…except maybe cancer, because it’s always cancer am I right?) So I started paying attention and took screen shots of all of his lovely excursions to the late night pharmacy of loud music, girls and liquid medications. Over time, I realized that in an average 40 hour work week he maybe…maybe worked 15 hours. I took a whole weekend and mathematically broke down by percentage his time spent at work and highlighted every time he called in. It took some time and convincing but FMLA be damned I got that kid fired. I think the pie chart is what finally did him in. He tried to sue me and the department later but I never got a summons and never heard anything about it again. Pop that bottle jerk. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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I know of one girl who used FMLA to take a vacation. Work found out about it and fired her.

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There are two people I took satisfaction in seeing sacked. One was aiming to work towards being a manager but instead got sacked for theft. She found an Amazon gift card and kept it, which is stupid enough, then she ordered stuff and had them sent to her address! which the person who owned the card could see from his account. Genuine managment material there.

The other is the Manchild, who was exactly as described. A grown man in his 30s who blamed all his woes on everyone except himself. Nothing that happened was ever his fault and he would lash out in temper any time he didn’t get his own way. On top of that, if things were going nice and quietly he would make up lies and spread them then deny he made them up. Which wonderfully back-fired on him when he crossed me and I faced him down.

He got the sack after he lashed out on supervisor and shoved them into a wall. Straight out like an arrow. It should have happened earlier but no one wanted to report him until the last event. Never so glad to see a person fired. He had been sacked from nine other jobs previously, including punching a manager, and carried grudges about all of them. Does with us too, he keeps making bad reviews of our shop even though he has not set foot in there in four years.