Which Piercings Can A 14 Year Old Get?

Which kinds of body piercings do you think a 14 year old is old enough to choose to get? Not in a legal sense, but whether you think a 14 year old is mature enough to get the piercing.

Choose all that you think a 14 year old should be allowed to get:

  • Earlobe Piercing
  • Industrial/Cartilage Piercing
  • Navel Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Lip Piercing
  • Other Piercings
  • No Piercings Allowed

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And what is your reasoning for making that choice?

I don’t have piercing myself but my older sister does. Yes the sister whom is in the hopsital. But I think an earlobe piercing would be the easiet to deal with compared to the others.

But just watch out for meanies in hospital if she gets more as she’s older.

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I think it depends on the girl. Some girls are more mature than others and take better care of their hygiene. I’d go with ears for now and see how she takes care of them. IMO they’re the easiest to care for. Then if she’s good at taking care of them then talk about other options.


Out of curiosity, since both of you referred to the teen as a girl, would your answers change if the 14 year old was a boy?

(Not saying this is the case, but I’d like to get as much information as possible about everyone’s opinions)


I’d go with the same if regardless if it was a boy or girl

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Either way a boy or a girl 14 year old should get a earlobe piercing first and then talk about the others if they’re interested. But as I said before, they should be careful about meanies in hosptial if they have an accident like my sister’s.

Hypothetically, what if the teenager already has earlobe piercings? (In this case, the earlobes answer would be a second pair of piercings in addition to the first.) Would you consider all other piercings to be on the table, or only some of them?

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A tastefully done nose and or belly button piercing I think would be ok. But as to the others I’d let them wait a couple of more years. Younger teens tend to be impulsive and though a piercing isn’t as permanent as a tattoo what seems like a good idea now may be a regret later.

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Body modification shouldn’t be allowed until the individual is 18. Earlobe piercing are probably mostly harmless and I doubt most adults who had them done as children are angry about that, but it still shouldn’t be done until they can consent to having it done. Which is 18, at least in the US.


What separates the nose and belly button piercings from the rest?

So this is based purely on the legal aspect of it? E.g. if you were in a country where the age of consent for body modifications was 16, then you would say it shouldn’t be allowed until the teen is 16, or 21 if that was the legal age in your country?

What if a 14 year old traveled to another country where the age of consent for body modifications is 14? Would it be acceptable for the 14 year old to get a piercing there?

Good question. I don’t really have an answer for the nose one but for the belly button it’s not as visible except maybe for during summer. I guess that doesn’t really make sense.

To me there are five considerations and keep in mind this is purely an opinion.

  1. job/ school prospects. That is similar to tattoos anythint that is easier to hide has less potential downsides and thus is more OK for a child who may not fully understand how it will impact certain job prospects. So to me that means anything in the ear that could be covered with hair is typically more okay

  2. Reversability. That is if they change their mind later how well can the piercing be undone? An earlobe piercing heals over pretty easily. Guages or some others do not

  3. cultural context. In some cultures nose rings are normal/traditionals in others they are rebelious and edgy. Knowing which you are in is relevant. Yes people should not judge others on aesthetic choices but its naieve to pretend they wont. A 14 year old may not grasp the social impact of the piercing but a parent should.

  4. Upkeep. Quite simply some piercings require more upkeep than others and teenagers arent a demographic renowned for their discipline as a whole. This ones pretty individual though. That is are they responsible enough to go through the required care?

  5. the act of piercing itself. Dont forget someone has to do the piercing and that involves physical contact. So that might be a consideration for certain piercings. Thats less relevant with your list except maybe the belly button.


I have no problem with any of the piercings on the list from an aesthetic perspective; I think if I were to get another piercing (I have pierced earlobes), I might go for a nares (side of the nostril) piercing, I quite like that look. Lip piercings and ear gauges don’t freak me out, but I would not go that route myself.

However, we need to balance three things: risks, benefits, and the capacity of the person making the decision to get a piercing.

  • All piercings have risks.
  • The benefits are purely in appearance; this is not a medical treatment of any type!
  • Finally, what is the capacity of a 14-year-old to make health decisions?

In many jurisdictions, 14-year-olds are considered mature enough to get vaccinated without their parents knowledge or consent. This is a low-risk, high-benefit procedure. On the other hand, children the same age cannot refuse cancer treatment without going to court and demonstrating that they have the capacity to make such a risky decision.

We have legal ages for making riskier decisions, like smoking and drinking, so that is another angle to consider. Drinking and smoking have no physical benefits and the risks are well-known. So we say that you have to be a certain age before you can be legally permitted to do those risky things.

Earlobe piercing is the lowest risk piercing. It is not on the face, it does not go through cartilage or muscle. It heals fairly quickly (weeks, not months). Taking that into consideration, I think most 14 year old could be allowed to make that decision. However, I think they need to wait until at least 18 (and, IMO, 21+) before they can make an informed decision about any of the other piercings.


I don’t think 14 is a good age of consent for body modification regardless, but age of consent is murky and amorphous as a concept no matter what. It depends a lot on what a society expects and how people are treated as they age, a specific 14 year old might be mature enough to actually consent but one of the things adults are supposed to do is protect children from making decisions too early. Ages of consent are set at what is broadly a decent baseline to assume that an individual is mature enough to undertake the activity.

I don’t think anyone should be getting pierced, tattooed or otherwise modified until they’re an adult. I could be argued down to 17 being an age of adulthood, but not really any farther because I’ve met 16 and 17 year olds and sometimes wonder if 18 is actually old enough. I am upset that many parents in the US take it upon themselves to modify their children because it suits their aesthetic preferences. I’m not against body modification in general, but it should be an adult activity.

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I had my ears pierced when I was 14. School permitted one discreet stud per ear, but I had to either take them out or cover them over for PE.

You have to take school rules into account as well - does this person’s school allow any form of piercing? If they are going to get pierced, it would be best to do it at the start of the summer holidays (yes, I know they’re nearly finished), so as to give the hole(s) chance to heal up.

Quite simply (for any person of this age) - If you need my consent then you’re not having it without a well-researched presentation that takes into account school rules, hygiene, cost (because I’m not paying), reversability and job prospects.

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I rather like @CJR 's comment. If someone can really prove they thought about it, and can convince me of that, that’s more important than age to me.

EDIT: Congratulations on sticking around for a year @CJR


Cheers for that and for putting up with me for a year!

I currently have a Sproglet who will very quickly go to Sprog and, let’s be honest, moody teenager. I am trying to encourage critical thinking, logic and self-sufficiency as I raise her. Quite frankly, the last thing I want is to raise an air-head. I (believe that I) am prepared for the hard conversations and would like to see any offspring of mine be capable, not just survive.


Wise words from CJR.

The listed piercings are all easily removed without any bigger visual impacts. The ear lobes automatically feels like the first one to get, and depending on the maturity of the teenie and how they present the idea of other piercings, I’d probably allow that too

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Earlobes first; however, I know that some industrial type piercings can help with headaches. Therefore, I would go with that if there was a medical reason.

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