Which do you prefer game?

Ok here’s something new to do. Give two options and then let people vote. Either, neither or both. This is inspired by the great Pepsi/Coke debate going on in the comment section of a story.

Pepsi or Coke?

  • Coke
  • Pepsi
  • Either if you like both equally
  • Neither

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maybe you should post to which story Just so in a couple days times people know?

er I’m sounding like @Stephen when he tells me to do that!


I’m surprised to see pepsi getting more votes than coca cola😄

They both taste the same in a Long Island Ice Tea…

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Is this evidence to reference in the comments cola wars? :rofl:

Also I actually do prefer Pepsi (although I like them both) but since Scotland introduced a sugar tax a lot of venues mainly just stock the cheaper diet / zero / max products on draft. Ive found that Pepsi Max seems to irritate my throat slightly so although I prefer Pepsi I seem to drink Coca-Cola more often.

I voted Pepsi, but it’s Pepsi Max that i drink. Can’t have regular

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Me too. I love Pepsi max

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Pepsi and Cola taste excatly the same to me. And diet Pepsi/Diet Cola taste the same as normal Pepsi/Cola. I only ever had diet Pepsi, once and that’s was through my older sister doing mystery shopping. Basically, before she moved out it was one good thing about her being at home-if she had to get food guess whom she normally gave it to? “Little Mikey”/s (aka me-and if anyone doesn’t get the reference it’s from a cereal commerical from early 70s)

There is a reason for this. One is meant to be served cold while the other is served room temperature. Hence, why they taste different when cold. Otherwise, they are the same.

Personally, both have too much fake sugar for me.

All the cola/Pepsi products I drink are all cold, and they still taste the same to me

Dont really like either but I will sometimes do a coke if I need caffeine and there are limited options.

Pretty much the only soda I like is diet dr pepper but thats probably just an artifact of growing up too close to Waco

I think I’ve read this before but I can’t remember which one is which.

Neither can I.

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