Which chicken resturant is "well known for having biscuits with every meal"?

I’m a bit confused about which resturant is in the this story: At Least It Won’t Be Dry! »

Some people in the Facebook comments of this claim the resturant in question is KFC. But I had KFC growing up in my life and I never once had biscuits including the one and only time I had a “combo” in October 2019. And as far as I know that KFC isn’t that well known for having “biscuits with every meal”

I think the resturant in question is Popeye’s because as far as I am aware that chicken resturant is “known for biscuits with every meal” and I had Popeye’s only at least 3-4 times, in recent months but every meal I gotten biscuits (sandwhiches, shrimp, or fried chicken)

Edit: Okay apperently Canada’s KFC didn’t add biscuits to their menu (outside of the “Secert” menu) until Nov 2020. So that would explain why we never had biscuits with our KFC meals up here.

My first thought was Popeye’s but I also haven’t been to a KFC since I was probably about 8 or so to know what their norm is :laughing:


and it doesn’t help that pre-pandemic Popeeye’s had butter (some locations still do) and I already know Popeye’s has “wild honey scause” two items mentioned in the story

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I think it might be Bojangles. The one here includes a box of biscuits with every meal except breakfast and they are always crumbly hockey pucks.


As you’ve learned, a KFC in the US (at least where I live) usually has biscuits with their meals. You can buy just chicken, but if you get a meal, you likely get a biscuit and other sides, too. So yes, it could be KFC in this story. Also, the other chicken place I have in my town is Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken, and their meals also come with a biscuit. These are the only two I have any experience with, since they’re the only two chicken places in my town. And in my experiences with both, the biscuits weren’t dry, so it either varies by location or neither of these was the restaurant in the story. lol

I’m from Canada and from what I have googled, Canada’s KFC didn’t get biscuits in their main menu until Nov 2020. And we have gotten meals from KFC a lot when I was growing up -the last time we had KFC was when the Avengers Exhbit was in a Toronto Mall August of 2021 (we were going to do Chinese food, but our resturant was closed that month)-and we still didn’t get any biscuits. So I think in Canada even after they added biscuits to their main menu -here you have to ask for them as a seperate item. vs at Popeye’s you always get them with a meal. Also Popeye’s has/had butter in the past, and they have a “wild honey scause”

Considering this takes place in the United States and not in Canada, there are probably different rules that apply. So don’t go by what you know because they don’t do everything the same across the board. Just like I’m sure that there are things that Canadian Burger King, McDonald’s, etc does that we don’t do.


you mean like all Canadian fast food resturants having Potutine? Or the fact that as far as I’m aware Canadian McDonald’s Mcflurry machines don’t seem to break down as often as American ones?/s

First one I was being seriously but the 2nd one was a joke hence the /s. Even though most Canadian fast food chains of (American) resturants do have poutine as far as I know and I might be wrong-the only one which doesn’t is Taco Bell but I might be wrong.

Church’s Chicken, maybe? They used to make a big deal about their honey-butter biscuits.

If the story mentions fried okra as well, it’s almost certainly Church’s.

Chain restaurants can varie greatly between countries.
For example, in France, you don’t have free refil on drinks (due to some french abusing the system, buying only 1 drink and 10 personnes using the machine), so the soda fountain are behind the counter.

Portions are a lot smaller in France than in the USA (at least at the time of the “Supersize Me” movie) : the large portion in France, in Mc Donald, is the smaller in Mc Donald USA.

Drives in a restaurant are only common on US (and US like) fast food chains: Mc Donald, Burger King, Quick, KFC … but it’s not common to keep your ass inside your vehicule to do your shopping. No drives for pharmacy, banks, … only fast foods and sometimes for supermarkets (but drives have a lot less products than the supermarket itself).

We don’t have biscuit in KFC. We don’t have Popeye (at least not in France, maybe also not in Europe). So I have no clue what restaurant could it be ; but it’s not important to understand the story. :slight_smile:

it is if people are aruging on Facebook about it being KFC biscuits.

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